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Patient Monitoring Systems for Hospitals and Outpatient Medical Clinics

Nurse Calls for Emergency Communications and Patient Monitoring Systems for Hospitals and Outpatient Medical Clinics

patient Monitoring SystemManaging patient flow and keeping track of staff locations throughout an outpatient clinic is essential for providing the quick, courteous, and dependable service patients expect from their healthcare providers. Cornell Communications has decades of experience providing outpatient clinics and medical facilities with high quality communication systems specifically designed for keeping your staff and patient flow organized while ensuring quick response during emergencies.

Clinic Status and Patient/Staff Monitoring Systems

The Cornell Communications Clinic Status system is an excellent patient management tool capable of maintaining a “First Come First Serve” structure in even the busiest of outpatient clinics. One to Six different colored lights allow for quick identification of staff or room status, improving patient flow and allowing staff to easily track the locations of attending physicians. Built-in priority override settings move emergency calls to the front of the line, guaranteeing the fast response you and your patients need from your nursing staff. The Cornell Communications Clinic Status system also features corridor lights, available with multiple color configurations, which are placed above doors to further display the status of a room and the patient and staff within. Our clinic status monitoring equipment features customizable settings, making it a perfectly adaptable system for any outpatient clinic.

Audio and Visual Nurse Call Systems

The Visual and Audio Nurse Call systems from Cornell Communications enable your hospital patients to request assistance quickly when they need it while ensuring your nursing staff is informed and ready to respond to any situation. Coupling our superb nurse call systems with our unbeatable call reporting and alarm logging software allows supervisors to monitor emergency response times and to document any alarms or emergency situations. Provide your patients with a sense of security while delivering the perfect emergency situation management tool for your staff by choose the high quality nurse call systems available from Cornell Communications.

Contact the emergency communication systems experts at Cornell Communications today for more information regarding our high quality Visual Nurse Call, Audio Nurse Call, Wireless Response, and Clinic Status systems.