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Area of Refuge Requirements in New Jersey

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Does your New Jersey Building Meet Local Area of Refuge Requirements?

Area of Refuge Requirements in New JerseyKnowing local area of refuge requirements can save your firm tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Area of refuge requirements in New Jersey are identical to 2015 International Building Code (IBC) requirements. While New Jersey has its own building code, the code does not impact area of refuge requirements. New Jersey building code has unique electrical rules which may impact wiring. Cornell Communications is the expert on area of refuge requirements in New Jersey and guarantees your facility will meet all local building codes.

When is an Area of Refuge Required in New Jersey?

According to IBC Section 1007, accessible means of egress require an area of refuge. Areas of refuge are required in all multi-story:

The state of New Jersey does not require areas of refuge in buildings with automatic sprinkler systems throughout, at stairways serving open parking garages or smoke protected seating areas in compliance with Section 1028.6.2.

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Area of Refuge Communication Requirements in New Jersey

Area of Refuge Comunication SystemThe state of New Jersey requires all areas of refuge that are one or more stories above or below the level of exit discharge are equipped with a two-way communication system like Cornell’s 4800 Series Area of Rescue Assistance system (IBC 1009.6.5). According to IBC 1009.8.1 two-way communication systems at areas of refuge must:

A two-way communication system is not required in areas with ramps, near freight elevators or near service elevators that are not designated as part of the accessible means of egress.

Cornell’s 4800 Series Area of Refuge assistance system meets all of New Jersey’s building code requirements.

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Area of Refuge Signage Requirements in New Jersey

Area of Refuge SignageNew Jersey building code requires areas of refuge are clearly marked with appropriate signage. IBC 1009.9 states:

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Design an Area of Refuge System for New Jersey Buildings

Still have questions? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Cornell Communications is an industry leader in area of rescue systems, nurse call systems and more. Get a quote on a 4800 series area of rescue system or contact a Cornell representative for more information on area of refuge requirements in New Jersey.

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