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CORNELLS’ inform Wins Innovation Award

2014 LINK Innovation Competition Award WinnerWireless nurse call, inform.At the LINK Long Term Care and Senior Living Conference on July 21, 2014 in Chicago, the inform interactive Nurse Call System was selected as a winner. In a contest of 50 entries the inform system was the only winner of five suppliers of resident safety systems. The judging criteria included uniqueness, impact on the industry, product need, readiness and availability. 

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Providing a Complete Range Of Emergency Call Systems

Emergency Communication Systems

When emergency situations occur, reliable communication is the key for a quick response. Whether it’s a patient who suddenly suspects a heart attack, a senior citizen in an assisted living facility who has fallen and needs assistance, or an emergency occurring in a multi-story building, possessing a reliable emergency communication system makes all the difference between saving a life and experiencing the ultimate loss.

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Emergency Communication Company

Emergency call systems from Cornell Communications provide the perfect lifesaving tool for nearly any situation. From visual nurse call stations, nurse call buttons, and medical pagers to wireless paging systems, area of rescue alarms, and clinic status lights, Cornell will provide the perfect solution for all your emergency response system needs. Experience peace of mind with the reliable emergency response systems available from Cornell Communications.

Wireless Nurse Call and Emergency Call Systems for Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics, Senior Living Facilities, and more

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Cornell Communications provides a wide range of emergency communication systems and nurse call equipment perfectly suited to senior & assisted living facilities, outpatient medical clinics, schools, and more. Possessing a robust and versatile emergency alert system provides your staff with an excellent management tool while delivering peace of mind to your patients and senior tenants when they realize assistance is readily available at the touch of a button.

Whether your facility requires an intuitive audio/visual nurse call system or a dependable wireless emergency response network, trust in the experience and knowledge of the emergency call system specialists at Cornell Communications.

Audio and Visual Nurse Call, Door Monitoring, and Wireless Emergency Response Systems

Nurse Call SystemsOne of the most important aspects of running a successful assisted living facility or outpatient clinic is keeping your patients and your staff in constant communication. Cornell Communications provides a full line of emergency call products, such as our tone visual, voice or wireless systems including pendants and pocket pagers.  We also offer exemplary call reporting software for monitoring and evaluating your staff’s efficiency and response times.

Cornell Communications provides superb emergency call systems, delivering unbeatable security and reliability for senior housing, schools, commercial buildings, and other facilities.

All nurse call, door monitoring and emergency alert systems from Cornell feature our unbeatable 10 year warranty, a service contract no other emergency communication system provider offers. The Cornell Communications 10 Year Warranty covers part replacement and shipping costs for all of our emergency communication products, excluding our pocket pagers.

Room Annunciator Systems and Panel Manufacturers

Cornell Communications is the Annunciator panel manufacturer hospitals trust to provide the best room annunciator systems to meet their emergency communication needs. Our 4000 Series Visual Nurse Call System includes mountable annunciator panels to provide visible notification of all incoming calls as well as audible tones. Whether your hospital, clinic, or senior living facility requires as few as 3 indicators or as many as 225, our room annunciator systems display LED indications of the zone or specific room the call is coming from. The labeled LED indicators provide at-a-glance information on the patient’s room or location. Our reliable panel manufacturers design the ideal solutions when it comes to emergency communication systems and nurse call systems.

Contact the emergency call system providers at Cornell Communications today at 1-800-558-8957.