Wireless Nurse Call
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Wireless Nurse Call
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Wireless Nurse Call System: inform

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Wireless nurse call system inform by Cornell Communications

Innovative Nurse Call Systems for Smartphones

inform is the all-in-one nurse call system senior housing residences throughout the country are turning to for faster emergency communication. Improving staff responsiveness increases resident, family and staff satisfaction with inform from Cornell Communications, the experts in nurse call systems.

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Easy Wireless Communication Improves Efficiency

As acuity levels increase, staff must work harder than ever to stay on top of resident needs. At the same time, families are more demanding—wanting providers to PROVE they’re delivering great service. Until now, it took multiple devices to do that.

inform is a resident/nurse call solution and staff communication system rolled into one. It’s mobile, touch-screen based and easy to use. Two way voice and text can be done with the touch of your finger.

Emergency Call System Provides Detailed Data on Each Call

With inform you’ll know:

  • From which resident, where, and when a call came
  • Which staff member took each call and when
  • The travel time and time spent with each resident
  • What each staff member did with a resident

This data allows medical facilities to easily identify top responding staff members and high-need patients. See the outstanding results in your facility:

  • Drive staff accountability to new levels
  • Improve response time 50-70%
  • Improve resident, family, and staff satisfaction

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