Nurse Call System Annunciator Panel Easy Label Series

Nurse Call System Annunciator Panel Easy Label Series

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A-4400 Visual Nurse Call Annunciator Panel Description:

Cornell’s A-4400 Series Annunicator panels allow at a glance indication of patient/room/station status.


Cornell’s A-4400 Series Annunciator panels are very customizable:

  • Ability to display 8, 12, 16, 24, or 48 rooms/zones with LEDs as needed
  • Choice of red, amber, green, or blue LEDs
  • Room labels are customizable with included NEW 4400 Easy Label Template Editor software
  • Adjustable Tone Volume on the back of the panel (Separate Tone Card Required)


When used with a Cornell system, panel permits monitoring of individual zones.


Panel mounted on narrow depth surface mountable frame. Mounting kit included.

Engineering Specifications:

The contractor shall furnish and install the Cornell A-4400 Series Annunciator Panels as shown on the plans. Each narrow depth surface mountable panel shall accommodate from 8 to 48 zones per panel. Multiple panels may be used for larger facilities. Indicators shall be the specified colored LEDs. Separate green LED light shall indicate power. Power shall be 24 Volts VDC, regulated.

Technical Information:

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