Visual Nurse Call
4000 Series
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Visual Nurse Call
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Visual Nurse Call Systems

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Visual Nurse Call Systems from Cornell Communications

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Visual Nurse Call Systems

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Visual Nurse Call systems are the most basic emergency call solution typically used in skilled nursing homes or healthcare clinics where a resident or patient requires a method to call for assistance.

System Design & Configuration

Call stations to request assistance: Typically a wall mounted pull cord station (string activated) is located near the toilet, bath or shower. If the person is bedridden a wall mounted bed station with a 6- or 10-foot call cord allows the request for assistance to be activated from the bed.

Calls are communicated to the staff: Typically a corridor light fixture in the hallway above the door of the room and on a central monitoring panel at the nurses’ station notify staff of a request for assistance. In many applications a pocket pager carried by the staff allows the contacting of the mobile staff members.

A 24VDC Power Supply centrally powers the system and a Control Module generates two different signals to distinguish between emergency and regular calls for assistance.

Optional Call Devices include Staff, Duty, Code Blue and Check-In stations.

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Installation/Wiring     Architectural Specs

Call System Technology

Visual nurse call systems typically incorporate wired technology but also can be provided with wireless stations to simplify the ease and cost of installation. Wireless pendants provide a mobile method of requesting assistance from anywhere.

System Sizing

Systems are available in many sizes from small to large. The emergency communication system distributors at Cornell offer standard sizes as follows:

Small Systems

A Single Station call cord device (KB-111 with power)

A Dual Station Push button (KE-101) or a Pull Cord (KE-114 with power)

Medium Size Systems

A Three or Six Station Control Station monitoring 3 or 6 call stations of any configuration (A-4003 or A-4006 with a separate power supply)

A Ten Station Control Station Panel for up to 10 call stations (A-4010 with a separate power supply)

Standard or Large Systems

The Universal Control Panel handles 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 or 48 stations (A-4400 with a separate power supply)

System Comparison - Visual, Audio, Wireless and with Wi-Fi Enabled Mobile Handsets

Flexible Outpatient Clinic Scheduling and Communications Systems

Get Help with System Design/Installation

Visual Nurse Call Light Systems from Cornell Communications will provide your clinic with a flexible and dependable communication tool. Our call systems for outpatient monitoring provide reliable information, fast emergency communication, and efficient response times.

Start with the basic system, including:

  1. Corridor Light
  2. Room Status Station (with three lighted buttons indicating up to six conditions with a steady or flashing light)
  3. And build from there!

Versatile Emergency Communication Equipment

With any Visual Nurse Call system, adaptability will ensure it meets the individual needs of your medical facility or outpatient clinic. The call system manufacturers at Cornell Communications have designed a wide variety of standard products in configurations intended to meet the unique requirements of any application. Our nurse call system design services allow you to have emergency communication capabilities to perfectly suit your Skilled Care, Memory Care, Independent Living and Assisted living residents and staff.

Nurse Call Station Installation Services

We are also the leader in renovation projects because we custom manufacture mounting plates for special applications. If you need to cover a non-standard mounting location, multiple gangs are available. Older facilities looking to upgrade to a newer system find the basic Visual Call System, Series 4000, ideal because of its simplicity. Often this system can be installed using existing wiring so there is no need for costly rewiring and electrical work. Our employees and affiliated installation contractors provide nurse call system installation services to ensure all components are wired properly and function correctly.

Contact the visual nurse call system sales specialists at Cornell Communications for more information about our wide range of visual nurse call systems.