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inform Mobile Call System

  • Easy-to-use Mobile Interface
  • Eliminate Alarm Disruptions
  • Improve Staff Response Time
  • Real-time Data Tracking

IndePendant Wireless Call System

  • Easy-to-use Pager Interface
  • Eliminate Alarm Disruptions
  • Improve Staff Response Time
  • Real-time Data Tracking

Visual Nurse Call System

  • Wired Emergency Call Response
  • Connects with Future-proof Tech
  • Custom System Sizing

Area of Refuge for Emergency Evacuation


Schools and Multi-Story Properties

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Emergency Call Systems

Nurse Call Area of Rescue Door Monitoring Clinic Status


Wired and Wireless Communication. Save Lives. Improve Care

Cornell Communication helps create immediate communication when an emergency situation arises. Our wired and wireless nurse call systems allow a caregiver to be available within a push of a button, creating peace of mind for residents and their families.

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inform Mobile Nurse Call

Help is more than pendants, lights and pagers

Cornell's all-new, award-winning inform mobile nurse call system is revolutionizing the industry one person at a time. inform features two-way communications, complete mobile functionality, an easy to use interface and comprehensive tracking & reporting. Use inform to:

  • Improve response times
  • Provide RTLS
  • Maximize staff efficiency
  • Maximize resident care

inform allows employees to simply download the smartphone app to access the nurse call interface. Facilities that upgrade can improve response times by up to 75%.

Mobile Nurse Call System

Mobile Nurse Call System


Wireless Nurse Call System

IndePendant Wireless Nurse Call System

Connecting you with the best care

Cornell's wireless nurse call system, IndePendant, streamlines response times and puts the resident's comfort above all else. This system can easily be upgraded our inform mobile handset system when the need arises. This pager-and-pendant integrated system is optimized for:

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Flexibility with room reconfigurations
  • Custom call reporting
  • Locating calls from mobile residents
  • Efficient and timely staff communication

Pagers can be added to your existing wired or wireless call system for efficient mobile call management. Contact Cornell for a custom proposal.

Pager Nurse Call System


Visual Nurse Call System

Time tested - Industry approved

Cornell's 4000 Series nurse call system provides cost-effective care at assisted living communities, outpatient medical centers, senior care communities, and memory care communities. The nurse call system manufacturers at Cornell are the leading resource for:

Use inform or IndePendant nurse call pendants to upgrade your new or existing system into a wireless nurse call system.

Visual Nurse Call System

Nurse Call Systems


Nurse Call System Manufacturer

Emergency Call System Design & Manufacturing

Superior emergency call systems from concept to installation

Skilled care residences, assisted living centers, and other healthcare clinics rely on the nurse call system manufacturers at Cornell. Whether you’re tasked with the construction of a new building, new wing, or need to update your existing system, turn to Cornell for:

Call us to find out how your Cornell system will prioritize resident safety, maximize staff efficiency, and meet all local building codes.

Emergency Call System Manufacturers


Area of Refuge Systems

A lifeline without the cords

Cornell area of refuge two-way communication systems provide a method for disabled individuals, or persons with limited mobility to call for help in an emergency. With two systems available and a team of expert engineers on call, an area of rescue assistance (ARA) system from Cornell is sure to keep people safe in multi-story buildings where egress can be difficult in an emergency.  Trust Cornell for:

Each state has its own building codes, so understanding area of refuge requirements by state can be a challenge. Cornell is here to ensure your area of refuge system meets local codes.

Area of Rescue Systems

Area of Refuge