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inform Mobile Nurse Call System

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Elevate Your Nurse Call System Beyond Just Pendants, Lights & Pagers

Cornell’s inform system features two-way communications, complete mobile functionality, an easy to user interface and comprehensive patient tracking & reporting. Our award winning mobile nurse call platform is leading the industry in nurse call technology. Inform is designed to:

Inform's smartphone interface minimizes the need for alarms and distracting lights, creating a more peaceful environment for residents and staff.

Improved Staff Response Times. Improved Resident Satisfaction.

Use Cornell’s inform mobile nurse call system to deliver the highest level of care, motivate teams to perform their best, and translate care data into business data to bill and staff accordingly.

Integrate Cornell’s inform System into Your Facility

Mobile Nurse Call System OverviewMobile Nurse Call System OverviewMobile Nurse Call System Overview

Compatible with iOS Devices

Mobile nruse call system reduces response times in hospices & nursing homesCornell Communication's inform system is a complete nurse call system with two-way communication and real-time data on staff productivity and resident care levels. It runs on an easy-to-use iOS mobile device accommodating multiple applications.

Cornell Communications has manufactured innovative nurse call systems for over 40 years. Our inform mobile nurse call system is the culmination of decades of experience.

Combining resident and staff communication systems into one, inform eliminates the need for multiple communication devices while adding tracking and reporting capabilities that enhance staff performance and resident satisfaction.

Use inform to:

Cornell’s inform mobile nurse call system is the modern nurse call solution for assisted living facilities, outpatient facilities, and other businesses in need of an effective, affordable nurse call system. Facilities using inform report better response times and improved resident satisfaction. An inform system benefits everyone involved in your facility.

Recipient of an Innovation Award at the 2014 Long-Term Care and Senior Living Conference, inform is the call system senior housing residences across the country are turning to for faster emergency communication and better accountability.



"We’re taking thousands of calls per month, with an average response time of 3 minutes compared to an industry average of 7 minutes.”

Grace Hall, Executive Director, Summerplace Assisted Living Community



Learn more by reading our online brochure for the inform mobile call system.

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Four Steps to Using a Mobile Nurse Call System

Thanks to an easy to use interface, staff members can quickly address and identify calls from anywhere in their facility in just a few easy steps.

  1. The resident in Room 101 places a call from their pendant. Amy can take the call by pressing the "Take" button.
  2. Amy can see the pendant call from Room 100 was taken by a staff member named Jim Jones.
  3. Amy is currently helping a resident in Room 200. She touches the “Complete” button when she is done with her task.
  4. Amy enters the reason for the call: bathroom, fall, or other reasons. Data is collected for management review.

The inform system gives staff and management essential information at a moment's notice. inform shows:

  • Who placed the call
  • When the call was placed
  • Where the resident placed the call
  • What type of call station was used
  • Why the call was placed
  • Which staff member answered the call
  • How long it took the staff to respond to and complete the call

Key features to provide detailed data on each call:






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Benefits of Using a Mobile Nurse Call System

Improve profitability

  • Increase occupancy with satisfied residents and families
  • Attract referral sources with data-driven results
  • Uncover new revenue sources with mobile technology efficiency

Deliver the highest level of care

  • Provide faster care with multiple applications on a single device
  • Enable proactive care with a point of care data trends
  • Give peace of mind to residents and families

Improve operational efficiency

  • Increase staff accountability with real-time alert tracking
  • Optimize staff time with two-way communication
  • Create a team environment with optimized workflows

Connect with future-proof technology

  • Easily scale up with a securely engineered solution
  • Monitor performance with real-time business data
  • Integrate with other apps through API integration

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Mobile Nurse Call System Overview

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Easy Mobile Communication Improves Efficiency

As acuity levels increase, staff must work harder than ever to stay on top of resident needs. At the same time, families are more demanding—wanting providers to PROVE they’re delivering great service. Until now, it took multiple devices to do this.

inform is a resident/nurse call solution and staff communication system rolled into one. It’s mobile, touch-screen based, and easy to use. Two-way voice and text can be done with the touch of your finger.

Extendable and scalable, inform addresses HIPAA compliance and includes a software assurance program that provides updates at no additional charge.

Cornell’s inform mobile nurse call system is popular in rehabilitation facilities and even veterinary clinics. Nursing homes assisted living centers, and senior facilities also benefit from our call systems. These systems comply with various regulations for these types of public accommodation. Contact us and request a FREE quote for the inform system, or learn more about how to meet nursing home requirements and call system regulations.

Read inform Case Studies

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To have inform integrated into your healthcare facility by mobile nurse call system specialists, contact Cornell Communications.