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Area of Rescue Signage

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Area of Refuge Signage

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Area of Refuge SignageBy law, area of refuge systems require various types of signage. Systems require directional, room location and instruction signage to signage. Cornell Communications manufactures signage for area of refuge systems in a variety of styles.

SN-B Series

120VAC or 277VAC with battery back-up, plastic illuminated (blue logo with red lettering) sign. Rechargeable battery included. Mounting options include ceiling (top), wall (back) or wall (side). SN-B42S (single sided), SN-B42D (double sided).

SN-EBraille ARA Signage

120VAC or 277VAC plastic illuminated (blue with red lettering) sign. Mounting options include ceiling (top), wall (back) or wall (side). SN-E42S (single sided), SN-E42D (double sided).

SN-C Series

5.8” x 2.4” Gray plastic with black raised lettering and raised Braille nomenclature. Mounted via double-faced tape (attached). SN-E42D (double sided).

SN-P Series

18 5/8” x 7 7/16”, white PVC plastic with red lettering. Mounted via double-faced tape (attached). These signs meet ADA specifications for use with Area of Rescue Assistance and Area of Refuge.

SN-LM42 SeriesArea of Rescue Signage

Photoluminescent signs with either Rescue or Refuge text. Single-sided or double-sided. Ceiling, flag, or wall mounted.

Cornell’s RADIANCE™ ARA Signs utilize photoluminescent technology. Photoluminescent materials absorb and store energy from normal ambient light and are designed to glow in total darkness; it then releases this energy in the form of light Cornell’s RADIANCE™ ARA Signs are in compliance to NFPA Life Safety Code 101 and all national building codes, ICBO, IBC, BOCA, SBCCI, NFPA 5000.


  • Cornell’s RADIANCE™ ARA Signs are available in single or double sided, with AREA OF RESCUE ASSISTANCE or AREA OF REFUGE, and come with arrows to be applied to the face for a directional sign.


  • Cornell’s RADIANCE™ ARA Signs utilize photoluminescent technology, which absorb and store energy from normal ambient light and are designed to glow in total darkness; it then releases this energy in the form of light.


  • Mounting Options include Ceiling (top), Wall (flat), Wall (flag). Signs have solid line; arrows are included to be placed when installed for direction if required.

Technical Information

  • Power Requirements: No Electricity to operate
  • Operating Environment: 50° to 120° F Indoor Non-Condensing
  • Physical Dimensions: 9”H x 14”W
  • Mounting: Ceiling (top), Wall (flat), or Wall (flag)
  • Wiring: None
  • Illumination time after fully charged: 60 Minutes of Full Illumination
  • Illumination Required for Charge: 54 lux ambient light
  • Illumination Time Required for Full Charge: 30 Minutes

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