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Cornell Communications, the premier emergency and nurse call system manufacturer and developer, has over 40 years of experience in providing our clients with unbeatable customer service, unparalleled product ease-of-use, and unmatched emergency communication systems. Our dedication to designing and manufacturing quality emergency communication products while exceeding our customer’s needs has made Cornell Communications the best in the business, guaranteed.

Originally named Minash & Company, the first form of Cornell Communications was founded in 1970 to design, repair, and install radio towers and radio systems by three American military veterans with radio communication training. The founders eventually partnered with a company interested in installing hospital nurse call systems and created a partnership with AUTH Inc., a company which manufactured nurse call products.

Over time, the veterans became disenchanted with this partnership and decided to engineer and develop their own nurse communication systems, leading to the original Visual Nurse Call System. With a successful product in hand, the name of the company was changed to Cornell Electronic Products and they were soon exhibiting at trade shows and spreading the word about their Visual Nurse Call System.

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After many years of successful business, former GE executive J.J. Johnson purchased the company in 1993 and changed the name to Cornell Communications. Since then, the Cornell product line has expanded to include an emergency intercom system, known as Area of Rescue Assistance Communication, and a clinic light system used to better manage the flow of personnel within the facility. Our product line has recently been further expanded after purchasing a competing manufacturer of audio-visual nurse call systems and through our continuous development of cutting edge wireless call systems incorporating pendants, pocket pagers, and smart phone technologies.

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Cornell’s Management Staff:

Kyle, George, Keith, JJ, Brenda, Phyllis, & Gary

Cornell’s Administrative Staff:

Brenda, Gail, Colleen, & Phyllis

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Cornell’s Sales Team:

Anna, Jessie, Susan M, George, Mark

Lynda, Susan C-G, Pauline, & Jackie

Cornell’s Engineering and

Customer Support Staff:

Dainen, Josh, Ron, & Kyle

Contact the emergency call system professionals at Cornell Communications for the best senior & assisted call systems, emergency rescue assistance, and outpatient clinic communication systems available in today’s market.

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Designed for a wide variety of solutions to keep people safe anywhere they go

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For emergency evacuation of multistory buildings & campus/parking lot security

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Control unauthorized access/egress & contain wandering residents
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