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Brochures, Cut Sheets, Wiring Diagrams, Design Guides, and Other PDFs

Visual Nurse Call (4000) Rescue Assistance (4200 & 4800)
Wireless (inform, IndePendant, VersaPage) Door Monitor (1000)


Discontinued/Legacy Systems

Audio (4500) 7000 Series Visual & Audio
Visual (5000)/Audio (5500) Audio (4500)
Panic Station AURA 2.0 System

Visual Nurse Call System 4000 PDFs

Ordering Single vs Dual/Triple Status Components

Three Status w/ Smoke Detector Wiring Diagram #90017-08 D400W-3

A-4006A Annunciator System Wiring Diagram #90010-11 DA4006W

Dual Status NC-102D/L-101 E-104-1 Wring Diagram #90005-13

Flasher Module P-5000F

Nurse Call Series 4000 Architectural Specs

Visual Nurse Call System 4000 Overview/Brochure

A4006L Terminal and Jumper Block

E-114-3, L-101, or LS-201 Wiring Drawing

E-104 (old) vs. E-104-1 (new) Drawing #070907-A RDG

Z-103 Wiring Diagram #90008-08 DZ103W

4006 Single Status System Wiring Diagram #90010-08 DA4006W

Triple Status Control Module NC-102D

Triple Status Zone Light Z-103

A-4003A & A-4006A - Annunciator Station 3 & 6 Zones

Duty Station DS-110

Emergency Stations - Pull String with Auxiliary Contact and LED Options E-114, E-114-1, and E-114-3

Emergency Station with Momentary Switch E-144

A-4000 Visual Emergency Call Single Status Operations and Specifications

Nurse Call 4000 Single Status System Wiring Diagram #90003-10 D4000W-1A

Annunciator Panels with LED Indicators, 10-225 zones (Series 4000)

Bedside Station with 20-Pin Connector B-111/EP

Bedside Stations with Call Cord or Push Button B-111, B-113, and B-122

Call Cord Standard, 6ft or 10ft, SW-106 or SW-110

Hand-Held Pendant Call Cord SW-510

Corridor Lights 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 Lights L-101, L-102, L-103, L-422, and L-423

Corridor Lights with Tone LS-201

Duty Stations D-111 and D-112

Emergency Stations with Push Button or Drop Flag Actuation E-101 & E-103/E-113

Emergency Station, Toggle Switch E-105

Call Cord Oxygen Environments, 6ft or 10 ft SW-206, SW-210 or SW-406, SW-410

Panic Stations P-106 and P-116

Pull Cord Emergency Station with Water Resistant Option E-104-1/E-104-1WP

Check-In Station, Push Button E-107

Emergency Station Push On/Twist Off E-108A

Staff Stations S-111 and S-112

Annunciator Panel, Easy Label A-4448-1 Series

4400 Annunciator Wiring

A-4000 Visual Nurse Call Dual Status Description & Operations

Dual Status NC-102D/L-101 E-104-1 Wiring Diagram #90005-08 D4000W-2A

Dual Status NC-102D/L-101 E-104-1 Wiring Diagram #90006-08 D4000W-2B

Cornell Model NC-102D, Controller for 4000 & 4500 Series Dual/Triple-Status Nurse Call Installation & Service Manual

Recommended Mounting Heights Drawing #D-4000-MH

4100 system Layout Diagram #90030-03

Rescue Assistance System PDFs

Annunciator Panel - 4-44 Zones in 4-Zone Increments A-4200 Series

4200 System - Area of Rescue Assistance Design Guide

4200 Rescue Assistance Signal System (Audio/Visual) Architectural Specs

Call Stations - Standard and Weather-Resistant Options 4201B/v, 4201B/VM, 4202

Series SN-LM42 Glow Signs Ceiling/Flag-Mount Template D-SN420-MTC

4200 Rescue Assistance Installation Guide Overview

SN-LM42 Photoluminescent Area of Rescue Signs Installation Guide

Series SN-LM42 Glow Signs Wall Mount Template D-SN420-MTW

Rescue Assistance Series 4200 Operation Instructions

Area of Rescue Signage

SmartWire™ Cable - Area of Rescue Series 4200 CB-4200

Rescue Assistance Series 4200 Overview

Telephone Access Kit TAK-4202 or TAK-4208

4200 (Models A-4228 to A-4244) Factory Wiring - Large Panels - Diagram #90075-13

4511 Speaker Station with Single Call Cord Jack

4800 System Overview Brochure

4800 Digital Area of Rescue System Architectural Specs

Call Station 4800V

Main and Remote Control Panels A-4800M or A-4800R

Expansion Switch ES-4808

ADA Area of Rescue Assistance Signage

Power Supply with Battery Backup - 24 Volt, 3 AMP, B-5243B

Power Supply with Battery Backup - 24 Volt, 8 AMP, B-5248B

Power Supply with Battery Backup - 24 Volt, 10 AMP, B-5248A

Wireless Nurse Call/Emergency Communication System PDFs

Receiver 4- or 16-Channel RC-204DE or RC-216DE

Light Controller LC-064E

Mobile Transmitter TR-P100E

Paging Base Transmitter TR-9010-W2/TR-9010-W5

Smoke Detector Transmitter TR-S200E

Universal Transmitters TR-U100IVE and TR-D100IVE

Wireless Bed Station TR-ST100BE

Alphanumeric Pager PP-9000-AW2/PP-9000-AW5

Wireless Pull Cord Station TR-ST100E

Wireless Survey Kit WS-100E

Fixed Button Transmitter TR-P200SE

Infrared Motion Sensor/Transmitter TR-M100E

inform Wireless Nurse Call System Brochure

VersaPage/Aura Pager Programming

Door Monitor System PDFs

Design Guide

A-1806D Remote Control Keypad

1808D Remote Control Keypad

1806 & 1808 Operating Instructions

Door Monitor System Architectural Specs

Keypad Stations A-1806D & A-1808D

Master Panel A-1000 Series

A-1000 Series Door Monitor Operation and Wiring Instructions

Door Monitor System Overview

Remote Monitor Panel A-1700 Series

Remote Control Panel A-1600 Series

Remote Zone Control A-1800

Time Delay Remote Control A-1801

1000 Series Door Monitor Basic System Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagrams:

A-1600/A-1700 Remote Master Panel

A-1800/1801/1802 Wiring

A-1806D/A-1808D Installation Guide

A-1806D/A-1808D Keypad Wiring

A-1809C Stand Alone Keypad

A-1900/1901 Key Switch Wiring

Dual A-1809C Keypad

Power Door Switch to Master Wiring


Complete 1000 Series Packet

Discontinued/Legacy Systems

AURA 2.0 System

AURA 2.0 Design Guide

AURA 2.0 Architectural and Engineering Specifications

AURA 2.0 Brochure

AURA 2.0 Emergency Response System for Schools Brochure

AURA Wireless Nurse Call Architectural Specs

Audio Nurse Call System PDFs

Bathroom/Urgent Call Station E-704

Bedside Station - Single or Dual Options B-711 & B-722

Bedside Call Cord SW-707B

Central Control Unit NC-780

Common Area Call Station Z-702

Duty Station D-711

Latching Call Cord SW-707A

Nurse Call Console A-7050

Add 30, Nurse Call/Central Control A-7030ADD (Nurse Call) NC-730 (Central Control)

4-Zone Indicator Lamp Z-704

Dual Bulb Corridor Lamp L-702

Power Supply - 24 Volt, 2 AMP P-5242

Visual Nurse Call System 5000/Audio Call System 5500

System Control Unit (Visual Only) HTN7680UA

Visual Annunciator Panel, 32 Station HRN7614UA

Call Cord HAN7608UA

System Control Units (Audio) HTN7672UA or HTN7674UA

Corridor Dome Light - 1, 2, 3, or 5 Lamp (HWN6691UA, HWN6692UA, HWN6693UA, HWN6695UA)

Duty Station HWN7606UA

Visual Patient Station HWN7630UC

Push Button Station with Audio, Economy HWN7670UC

Push Button Station HWN7602UA

Room Stations with Call Cord Receptacles HWN7669UC and HWN7679UC

7000 Visual & Audio Health Care System

Aiphone Health Care Systems Brochure



B-711 & B-722









Nurse/Emergency Call

Designed for a wide variety of solutions to keep people safe anywhere they go

ADA Rescue Assistance

For emergency evacuation of multistory buildings & campus/parking lot security

Building Perimeter Security

Control unauthorized access/egress & contain wandering residents
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