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Brochures, Cut Sheets, Wiring Diagrams, Design Guides, and Other PDFs

Visual Nurse Call (4000) Rescue Assistance (4200 & 4800)
Wireless (inform, IndePendant, VersaPage) Door Monitor (1000)


Discontinued/Legacy Systems

***Please contact a Cornell representative for more information on discontinued systems***

Audio (4500) 7000 Series Visual & Audio
Visual (5000)/Audio (5500) AURA 2.0 System

Visual Nurse Call System 4000 PDFs

Visual Call System – Brochure

Annunciator Panel – Easy Label 1-48 Zones, A-4448-1

Annunciate Panels with LED indicators – 10-225 Zones, A-4XXX

Annunciator Station 3 & 6 Zone, A-40003A, A-4006A

Bedside Station B-111, B-113, B-122

Bedside Station B0111EP w 20 Pin Connector

Cable Visual Nurse Call 18AWG 4Cond, CB-4004

Cable Visual Nurse Call 18AWG 6Cond, CB-4005

Cable Visual Nurse Call 22AWG 2Cond, CB-4002

Cable Visual Nurse Call 22AWG 4Cond, CB-4003

Call Cord Standard, 6 or 10ft, SW-106, SW-110

Call Cords Oxygen Env, 6 or 10ft, SW-206, -210, SW-406A, -410A

Call for Aid – Small 1-2 Zone Visual Systems Bed, Bath or Button

Call Stations in optional white color

Check in Station, Push Button, E-107

Control Module w Triple Status

Corridor Lights 1, 2 or 3 LED Bulbs

Corridor Lights 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 Lights, L-101, -102, -103, -422, -423

Corridor Lights Optional Decorative Cover, Alabaster Glass, LF-100

Corridor Lights w Tone-Steady or Pulsing, 1 or 2 Gang, LS-101S, LS-101P, LS-201

Duty Station, DS-110

Duty Stations, D-111, D-112

Flasher Module, P-5000F

Light Controller for Pillow Speaker Applications, LC-040C

Power Supply 1AMP, 12 or 24 VDC, P-512241A

Power Supply 3AMP, 12 or 24 VDC, P-512243A

Power Supply w Battery Backup 4AMP, 12 or 24 VDC, B-5243A

Pull Cord (Cord Only), Optional for Pull Cord Station Sanipull, SP-ST

Pull Cord Station w Momentary Switch, E-144

Pull Cord Station, Dual Status, E-104, E-104-1WP

Pull Cord Station, Single Status, E-112 Series

Pull Cord Station w AntiMicrobial Glow in the Dark Cord

Push Button Panic Station, P-116

Push Button Panic Station w flush button, P-120

Push Button Station, E-101, -103, -113

Push Button Stations, Push on Twist Off, E-108A

Smoke or Heat Detector Station, 120VAC, SD-400

Staff Stations, S-111, S-112

Toggle Switch Station, E-105

Visual Call System – Components for Single, Dual or Triple Status Systems

Visual Call System – Single Status Operations and Specifications

Visual Call System – Dual Status Operations and Specifications

Zone Light w Triple Status, Z-103

Visual Nurse Call Wiring Diagrams

Annunciator A-4006A Wiring, Drawing #90010-11

Check-In Station E-107 Single Status Wiring, Drawing #90078-08

Dual Status System w 1 Bulb Corridor Light NC-102D, L-101, E-104-1, Drawing #90005-13

Dual Status System w 2 Bulb Corridor Light NC-102D, L-102, E-104-1, Drawing #90006-14

Flasher Module P-5000F Wiring, Drawing #90085-12

Pull Cord Station E-114-3 Single Status Wiring, Drawing #90014-06

Single Status Latching System Wiring A-4006L, Drawing #90037-06

Single Status Latching System w e-144 Momentary Pull Cord, Drawing #90083-11

Single Status System Wiring, Drawing #90003-13

Smoke Detector SD-4000 Triple Status Wiring, Drawing #90017-16

Triple Status System w 3 Bulb Corridor Light NC-102D, L-103, Drawing #90038-08

Zone Light Z-103 Wiring, Drawing #90008-08

Rescue Assistance System PDFs

Analog Area of Rescue Overview Brochure (4200)

Digital Area of Rescue Overview Brochure (4800)

Signage Overview

Analog Rescue Assistance – 4200

Cable 18 AWG 4 Cond 22AWG Pair, CB4200

Call Stations 4201BV, 4201BVM, 4202

Design Guide 4200

Master Control Panel, 4 to 20 Zones, A-4200

Operation Instructions 4200

Telephone Access Kit, TAK-4202, TAK-4208

Analog Rescue Wiring Diagrams

Call Station Wiring, 4201BV – Dated 091103

Call Station, Weatherproof Wiring, 4202VMW – Dated 120420

Control Panel Internal Wiring Harness Diagram, #90027-13

Installation Guide & Wiring Operations Packet 4200

Installation Guide Overview 4200

Operations Instructions Detailed, 4200

Remote Annunciator (A-4000) Wiring Drawing, #90023-10

Remote Annunciator Terminations Diagram, #90024-10

Riser Wiring Diagram, #90021-12

System Architectural Specifications, 4200 System

System Wiring Diagram, #90022-13

Telephone Access Kit Wiring, TAK-4202, TAK-4208, #90068-13

Digital Rescue Assistance – 4800

Cable – 2 Hr Fire Rated 4 Pair, CB-4804

Cable Fire Resistant 4 Pair Data, CB-4800

Call Station Flush Button, 4800VF

Call Station Push Button, 4800V

Control Panels, Main & Remote, A4800M, A4800R

Expansion Switch, ES-4808

Power Supply 3 AMP 24VDC with Battery Backup, B-5243B

Power Supply 10 AMP 24VDC with Battery Backup, B-5248AC

Site Programming Guide 4800

Digital Rescue Wiring Diagrams

Alarm Output via 6062 Relay, 4800 D4200-62RLY – Feb17

Wireless Nurse Call/Emergency Communication System PDFs

Receiver 4- or 16-Channel RC-204DE or RC-216DE

Light Controller LC-064E

Mobile Transmitter TR-P100E

Paging Base Transmitter TR-9010-W2/TR-9010-W5

Smoke Detector Transmitter TR-S200E

Universal Transmitters TR-U100IVE and TR-D100IVE

Wireless Bed Station TR-ST100BE

Alphanumeric Pager PP-9000-AW2/PP-9000-AW5

Wireless Pull Cord Station TR-ST100E

Wireless Survey Kit WS-100E

Fixed Button Transmitter TR-P200SE

Infrared Motion Sensor/Transmitter TR-M100E

inform Wireless Nurse Call System Brochure

VersaPage/Aura Pager Programming

Door Monitor System PDFs

Design Guide

A-1806D Remote Control Keypad

1808D Remote Control Keypad

1806 & 1808 Operating Instructions

Door Monitor System Architectural Specs

Keypad Stations A-1806D & A-1808D

Master Panel A-1000 Series

A-1000 Series Door Monitor Operation and Wiring Instructions

Door Monitor System Overview

Remote Monitor Panel A-1700 Series

Remote Control Panel A-1600 Series

Remote Zone Control A-1800

Time Delay Remote Control A-1801

1000 Series Door Monitor Basic System Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagrams:

A-1600/A-1700 Remote Master Panel

A-1800/1801/1802 Wiring

A-1806D/A-1808D Installation Guide

A-1806D/A-1808D Keypad Wiring

A-1809C Stand Alone Keypad

A-1900/1901 Key Switch Wiring

Dual A-1809C Keypad

Power Door Switch to Master Wiring


Complete 1000 Series Packet