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Emergency Call Systems for Senior & Assisted Living Centers

Improve Care Communication - Enhance Quality of Care - Increase Occupancy RatesNurse Call Systems for Nursing Homes

Cornell designs, builds and installs a variety of nurse call systems for nursing homes and assisted living communities. By optimizing staff communication with emergency call system senior alerts, you increase responsiveness, care levels, resident satisfaction and operational efficiency. Your residents enjoy the highest quality of life possible while you increase staff productivity.

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Cornell Communications emergency call systems provide better communications solutions for a wide range of senior living environments, including:

Residents, staff and family members get peace of mind knowing they have 24/7 access to technology that ensures timely care in an emergency. Cornell Communications' suite of emergency communication systems includes:

Mobile Nurse Call Systems for Assisted Living

Mobile Nurse Call System for Nursing Homes

Cornell's all new, award winning inform mobile nurse call system is a modern emergency communication system for nursing homes and assisted living centers. Paired with iOS devices, inform eliminates the need for irksome alarms, reducing background noise. Plus, inform provides management with actionable data and RTLS to help improve efficiency. inform is the best mobile nurse call system for assisted living communities and nursing homes.

What does inform do?

  • Improves response times up to 75%
  • Provides RTLS
  • Increases resident and family satisfaction

Mobile Nurse Call

Visual Nurse Call Systems for Assisted Living

Visual Nurse Call System for Nursing Homes

Cornell's tried and true 4000 Series visual nurse call system monitors bedroom and bathroom call stations across your nursing home or assisted living center. Staff track calls using corridor light fixtures or wall mounted annuciator panels. The 4000 Series can even be paired with the all new inform mobile nurse call system for flexible care communication anywhere in your facility. Cornell is the leading name in nursing home emergency communication systems.

The 4000 Series provides better care at:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Nursing homes
  • Skilled care centers

Visual Nurse Call

Wireless Nurse Call Systems for Assisted Living

Wireless Call System for Assisted Living

The IndePendant wireless nurse call system connects residents with care no matter where they are. A basic wireless nurse call system, IndePendant combines wired systems with wired technology, call stations and pocket pagers to increase communication efficiency in senior care centers. IndePendant is a mobile pendant, meaning residents can call for care anywhere on the property, providing greater mobility, freedom, and increasing resident quality of life.

IndePendant integrates with:

  • Nurse call pendants
  • Mobile pocket pagers
  • Receivers

Wireless Nurse Call

Network of Emergency Technology for Nursing Homes and Other Care Centers

senior Alert Systems

Senior alert systems help keep elderly residents of assisted living centers and nursing homes safe in the event of an emergency. Wireless alert systems allow residents to call for help with the push of a button if they fall, suspect a medical problem, or need other assistance.

Fast and efficient communication is vital when caring for the elderly or those in need of long term assisted care. Easy-to-use, dependable nurse call systems make all the difference when responding to an emergency and saving a life. Keep your residents safe and independent with high-quality senior living nurse call systems from Cornell.

Our nurse call systems for emergency situations also include logged documentation capabilities for recording the response times of your staff and ensuring your residents' needs are met in a prompt manner. Resident family’s will appreciate the extra level of care your facility provides with a Cornell Communication call system.


Cornell's Nurse Call Systems:

help deliver better resident care at assisted living communities, outpatient medical facilities and senior care centers. Using measuring & reporting your facility will be able to lower response times, raise resident satisfaction and maximize staff efficiency.

Meaning you can:

Increase Satisfaction Levels With Elevated Resident Care

Best Nurse Call System for Nursing HomesDrive faster response times and improve communication among staff to create an environment of improved outcomes and resident care. Retain current residents and attract new ones with improved services and actionable metrics. Nurse call systems from Cornell make assisted living centers better, safer places to work, live and visit.

With visual, wired and mobile nurse call systems available, you can find the perfect nurse call system for your nursing home or assisted living community. All nurse call systems from Cornell Communications keep management informed with visible reporting and data. Real-time views of care delivery help make data-driven decisions to improve resident care while optimizing staff workflow. Detailed documentation will demonstrate how efficient your response system is.


Optimizes the care communication process.


Focus on delivering the highest level of care.

Wireless Emergency Communications for Nursing Homes and Other Senior Living Facilities

Nurse call pendants, pocket pagers, and other components of wireless emergency communication alert systems allow residents of assisted living facilities to feel secure knowing assistance is always at their fingertips. With just the push of a button, a nurse or caregiver is instantly notified and able to respond. Residents’ families can rest assured their loved ones are safe and well cared for.

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“I can’t imagine going back to a building that has walkie-talkies or pagers. It’s crazy that’s acceptable - makes everyone’s job so much harder. Residents shouldn’t have to hear all that back and forth talking like a construction site, it’s their home.”

~Sara Wright, Rosemark at Mayfair Park

“The fact is that Cornell is always looking ahead and listening to customers. I sense Cornell believes customers should have the best technology they have to offer.”

~Jill Vitale-Aussem, COO, Capella Living Solutions

Nurse Call System Design and Installation

The flexible and highly adaptable emergency nurse call systems offered by Cornell Communications are designed for a wide range of senior care facilities and the individual care requirements of residents. Whether your residents are independent and only require limited assistance or need round-the-clock care and attention, Cornell Communications will provide the exact solution your facility requires for quick responses to life-threatening emergencies.

Each of our emergency communication systems can be customized with our call system design services. Get as many bedside stations, wireless pendants, and pocket pagers as your facility needs for optimal efficiency. Our trusted contractors provide nurse call system installation services to ensure all wiring and other specifications are installed correctly and every component is working properly. Let us worry about installation so you can focus on your residents.

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Create a customizable care communication platform designed to be future proof.

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