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Emergency Communication Systems

Cornell Communications designs nurse call systems with patient safety and staff efficiency in mind. The nurse call system experts at Cornell supply skilled care, memory care, independent living and assisted living residences along with other medical centers with innovative emergency communication systems. These cutting edge call systems help caregivers and medical staff react quickly in any situation.

Cornell nurse call systems are designed to suit a variety of markets including skilled care, assisted living facilities, and outpatient clinics.

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Nurse Call Systems for Retirement Communities

We manufacture top-of-the-line call systems for skilled care, assisted living, independent living, memory care and other retirement communities. These systems include:

These emergency call stations and systems are all designed to improve caregiver response times and help patients get the help they need fast. We also design and manufacture door and window monitoring systems to prevent residents with cognitive impairments from getting lost or accidentally harming themselves by going into a restricted area.

Nurse Call System Design Guide

With our nurse call systems design guides, we offer a variety of options for your custom retirement residence or medical clinic communication system, including optional call logging and documentation. Choose from components such as wireless nurse call pendants, lights, call buttons, and more. Whether you want to upgrade your existing emergency communication system or install an entirely new one, our expert staff will help you create the perfect system with our nurse call system design guide.

Nurse Call System Design

Customize your emergency communication system to meet the unique needs of your retirement home or other healthcare facility. Our nurse call system design guide allows you to specify the number and type of component you want, as well as whether your system will be wired, wireless, or a combination. For the convenience of your staff and patients, choose how your caregivers will receive alerts: via pocket paging system, email, text message, audio calls, or AURA 2.0 client monitor screen. Contact our emergency communication design experts for assistance with our nurse call system design pdf.

Call Systems for Outpatient Medical Clinics

Medical clinics often require clinic status systems. Our clinic status systems provide visual displays which locate patients and doctors from room to room in the medical facility. These systems indicate when a room is vacant, if a doctor is with a patient or if the patient is alone in the room.

When the medical staff is aware of the status of each patient both safety and workflow can be enhanced.

Nurse Call System Comparison  Contact Emergency Communications Manufacturers  Nurse Call System Design Installation

Nurse Call System Manufacturers and Installers

The emergency call system manufacturers at Cornell custom design nurse call systems to meet the needs of your skilled care residences, assisted living center, medical office, or other healthcare facility. Once your emergency communication system has been designed to your exact specifications, our construction contractors will install it for you. Our nurse call systems can usually be integrated with existing wiring. Depending on the system, different components are needed. Our nurse call system installers will make sure all the necessary components are wired and working properly.

Contact nurse call system manufacturers at Cornell Communications to have an innovative clinic or light system designed for your facility.

Nurse/Emergency Call

Designed for a wide variety of solutions to keep people safe anywhere they go

ADA Rescue Assistance

For emergency evacuation of multistory buildings & campus/parking lot security

Building Perimeter Security

Control unauthorized access/egress & contain wandering residents
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