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Door and Window Monitoring Systems

Cornell has assisted living communication systems in all 50 states.

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Cornell Communications specializes in quality door and window monitoring systems for the healthcare fields. Hospitals, assisted living centers, and hospices everywhere use wireless door monitoring for security purposes. Use this emergency communication device to warn others when an unauthorized individual opens a door or window.

This manual provides crucial details on our 1000 Series door monitor system’s annunciators, power supply, and zone control. The annunciators are used for volume control and mute. The aluminum surfaces are available in multiple or four zones. Choose from a 12 or 24 volt power supply in one or three AMPs. The zone control features a keypad station, time delay remote, and remote zone control. When you are ready to secure the doors and windows in your organization, trust our door monitoring systems. Browse our annunciators, power supply, and zone control components to fit your very own door monitoring systems. Cornell Communications has provided unmatched emergency call systems for forty years. Our nurse call systems are designed with advanced technology to serve a variety of needs.

Find out how to customize your security with our door monitor system architectural specifications. Our experienced contractors will install your system to meet your exact needs, or you can follow our door monitor system installation guide to install it yourself. Finally, learn how to operate your new security system with the door status monitor manual.

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