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Reporting and Paging

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Reporting System Software and Paging Systems

Cornell Communications is the leader in nurse call system manufacturing with over 50 years of experience in the business. We provide innovative reporting system software and paging technology to nursing homes, assisted living centers, memory care communities, independent living apartments, and hospices around the world. Our visual and wireless nurse call systems provide reliable emergency communication throughout your healthcare facility.

IndePendent SystemReport WriterVersaPage

Our medical reporting and wireless nurse call systems ensure fast responses in medical emergencies or other need for help. Read on to learn the features, benefits, and alternate uses for our emergency communication systems:

We also provide high-quality nurse call system replacement parts online. Purchase all your equipment direct from Cornell, or get a free quote on a custom emergency call system.

Reporting Software

Cornell Communications Report Writer Incident Logging and Reporting Software helps you keep track of individuals' care plans and caregiver logs. Healthcare managers are able to choose the queries in the medical reporting software to allow which types of data are collected from individuals and caregivers. Our reporting software is all in the network, so caregivers can access the reports from anywhere in the healthcare facility.

AURA Call Reporting Software - Discontinued

AURA Call Reporting software is no longer available for purchase from Cornell. We offer an extensive line of communication systems to fit your needs. Contact a Cornell associate to see how we can help your facility improve response times and ensure resident satisfaction.

Wireless Nurse Call PendantWireless Nurse Call Pendants

Easily integrate nurse call pendants into your IndePendent wireless nurse call system. Senior living center residents can easily call for emergency assistance from anywhere with our personal pendant transmitters available online. Available with both a neck cord and a wrist band, your assisted living residents have the ability to choose how their wireless nurse call pendant will be worn, giving them a sense of security wherever they go.

These versatile pendants are small, light, water resistant, and easy to use: simply press and hold the single button for one second, and caregivers are immediately notified through the medical paging alarm system. The resident will also be notified when the call is placed because the pendant vibrates and blinks when a call for help is initiated. Our nurse call cord pendants are convenient and ideal for assisted living facilities. With a fully supervised radio link, these mobile transmitters ensure reliability and fast response in an emergency. Your facility’s nurse call paging system with pendant transmitters will give your individuals and their families peace of mind.

Healthcare Facilities Benefit from Wireless Paging Systems with Faster Emergency ResponseCornell Nurse Call Paging System

Wireless paging systems for assisted living facilities provide easy communication between individuals and nurses. Whether it is a medical emergency or the individual is simply uncomfortable, staff will receive instant, discrete notification so they can respond accordingly.

VersaPage instantly notifies the appropriate staff members of any individual need or emergency via in-house medical pagers, a text to a cell phone, or an e-mail. Records of all calls are stored in the system’s data log.

Wireless medical paging systems are easy to install and operate with minimal wiring. Since VersaPage has a flexible design, the existing emergency call system can be upgraded to work with the new wireless notification system.

Combine Wireless Paging with Voice Call Systems for Superior Communication

Voice communication is important to understanding an individual’s needs, especially in an emergency. The versatile and intuitive audio nurse call systems allow caregivers to speak directly with individuals to find out what they need. Designed based on the on-the-job insights of nurses and caregivers, the voice call systems are continually improved to provide the best emergency communication. Combining the voice call system with wireless paging allows open, audio communication while notifying additional staff members of the situation.

Emergency Wireless Paging SystemWireless System Suppliers Provide Convenient Emergency Communication

Cornell Communications has over 50 years of experience as the premier emergency and nurse call system manufacturer and supplier, providing exceptional customer service, easy to use products, and superior emergency communication systems. We offer top-of-the-line emergency communication and wireless paging systems for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities, Independent Living Apartments, Hospices, and other senior living facilities. Contact the professional emergency communication system suppliers today to bring the best in wireless paging and communication to your community.


Contact Cornell Communications specialists to have high-quality call systems and nurse call systems implemented in your healthcare facility.