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Nurse Call Systems for Skilled Care Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes, care home, and rest homes) benefit from integrated, hard-wired communication systems from Cornell. Our systems are scalable to meet your facility's need and offer a range of benefits including improved staff response time and resident care. Our wireless and mobile systems integrate a variety of equipment to meet your needs and fulfill the building code requirements of your state.

Whether you want to update your existing nurse call system for marketing benefits or design a system for a new skilled nurse care facility, Cornell has the systems to meet the needs of your facility and residents.

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Mobile Nurse Call Systems for Assisted Living

Mobile Nurse Call System for Nursing Homes

Cornell's all new, award winning inform mobile nurse call system is a modern emergency communication system for nursing homes and assisted living centers. Paired with iOS devices, inform eliminates the need for irksome alarms, reducing background noise. Plus, inform provides management with actionable data and RTLS to help improve efficiency. inform is the best mobile nurse call system for assisted living communities and nursing homes.

What does inform do?

  • Improves response times up to 75%
  • Provides RTLS
  • Increases resident and family satisfaction

Mobile Nurse Call

Visual Nurse Call Systems for Assisted Living

Visual Nurse Call System for Nursing Homes

Cornell's tried and true 4000 Series visual nurse call system monitors bedroom and bathroom call stations across your nursing home or assisted living center. Staff track calls using corridor light fixtures or wall mounted annuciator panels. The 4000 Series can even be paired with the all new inform mobile nurse call system for flexible care communication anywhere in your facility. Cornell is the leading name in nursing home emergency communication systems.

The 4000 Series provides better care at:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Nursing homes
  • Skilled care centers

Visual Nurse Call

Wireless Nurse Call Systems for Assisted Living

Wireless Call System for Assisted Living

The IndePendant wireless nurse call system connects residents with care no matter where they are. A basic wireless nurse call system, IndePendant combines wired systems with wired technology, call stations and pocket pagers to increase communication efficiency in senior care centers. IndePendant is a mobile pendant, meaning residents can call for care anywhere on the property, providing greater mobility, freedom, and increasing resident quality of life.

IndePendant integrates with:

  • Nurse call pendants
  • Mobile pocket pagers
  • Receivers

Wireless Nurse Call

ANSI/UL 1069 Nurse Call System Requirements

The ANSI/UL 1069 details construction, performance, reliability and safety of nurse call system components. NFPA 99 guidelines define four different building categories:

All hard-wired nurse call system parts from Cornell Communications meet ANSI/UL 1069 requirements.

ADA Compliant Nurse Call Systems for Skilled Nursing Facilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) dictates what senior and skilled care, assisted living centers, and retirement communities must do for residents with varying levels of disabilities. In particular, Title III of the ADA applies to any facility of “public accommodation”.

Comprehensive nurse call systems are one way to meet ADA requirements. Depending on your residents and staff, you may need a mixture of audible and visual systems. Cornell can provide a free quote for a custom ADA-compliant nurse call system based on your facility needs.

Contact Cornell Communications to discuss integrating emergency response systems into your skilled care facility.