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Visual Nurse Call System

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Visual Nurse Call Systems from Cornell Communications

Cornell's 4000 Series nurse call system monitors bedroom & bathroom call stations across your facility. Residents can easily request staff assistance using a large mushroom style button or a pull cord call station. Staff can track calls using corridor light fixtures, wall mounted annunciator panels. Staff can even communicate using Android or iOS devices when using inform.

Cornell's nurse call systems provide better resident care at:

  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Outpatient Medical Facilities
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Memory Care Facilities

Optional: Upgrade to our indePendant text messaging or inform mobile handset-enabled nurse call systems

Mobile Nurse Call SystemThese systems provide detailed data on each call, staff, and resident so you can demonstrate to management and current and future families the responsiveness of your staff and the individual care needs of each resident.

  • Improve your response times
  • Demonstrate better care to future decision-makers - residents and families
  • Improve resident length of stay

Wired Nurse Call Services from Cornell Communications

Nurse Call System Design Nurse Call System Operation System Sizing
Nurse Call Systems for Hospitals Nurse Call System Installation Nurse Call System Documentation
Cornell Nurse Call System DiagramCornell Nurse Call System DiagramCornell Nurse Call System Diagram

Nurse Call System Design

Cornell's engineering team helps you get the most out of your nurse call system design by assessing your environment & long-term objectives. Whether you're redesigning an existing property or building a new one our engineers help you design the perfect call system for your medical facility. Our engineering team will:

  • Identify & recommend technical decisions to reduce costs, increase user productivity, & maximize system performance
  • Design and implement the right call station system for you & your residents
  • Offer hands-on training for staff
  • Offer ongoing technical support
Nurse Call System Design Quote

The 4000 Series nurse call system can be scaled indefinitely. Our nurse call system gives you the power to track calls and administer care whether your facility has 20 or 2,000 beds. Call stations like push buttons and pull cords are easy to use while in distress. Staff easily assess the emergency thanks to corridor mounted lights with up to six different display conditions. Cornell's nurse call systems provide better resident care at:

  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Outpatient Medical Facilities
  • Senior Care Centers

Upgrade your new or existing nurse call system with Cornell's inform mobile nurse call system. The inform system offers unmatched call measuring and reporting, letting you:

  • Improve Response Times
  • Improve Resident Quality of Life
  • Reduce Costs
  • Offer a Selling Point to Attract New Residents

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Nurse Call System Operation

Nurse Call SystemCornell's 4000 Series Visual Nurse Call System uses simple components and can be customized to fit any facility. Operation is simple and calls can be addressed in three steps:

  1. Someone Requests Assistance Using a Call Station: An individual can press a wall mounted mushroom button or pull cord and activate the call station.
  2. Calls are Communicated to Staff: Once a call is placed, an annunciator panel will light up indicating the location of the call and emit a tone to indicate an emergency or a normal call.
  3. Staff Address the Call: Staff address the call quickly, using the corridor lights to locate and identify the issue at a glance.

The 4000 Series nurse call system works using five main components:

  1. A Nurse Call Annunciator: A single, wall mounted annunciator panel capable of monitoring up to 48 individual zones. More zones mean more annunciators.
  2. A Call Station: Mix and match mushroom style push button stations and cord stations to find the right fit for your facility.
  3. A Corridor Light Fixture: Light fixture above the entryway to the room where the call was placed.
  4. Control Module: Generates two different signals to distinguish between emergency calls and regular calls for assistance.
  5. A 24VDC Power Supply: Powers the system.

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System Sizing

Although we offer custom-designed systems, the emergency communication system distributors at Cornell also offer standard system sizes:

Small Systems

Medium Size Systems

Standard or Large Systems

Need something custom for your facility? Don't worry. We're here to help. Configure a custom nurse call system and get a free quote.

Nurse Call System Design Quote

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Nurse Call Systems for HospitalsNurse Call Systems for Hospitals

Cornell Communications does more than design and build nurse call systems for nursing homes. The 4000 Series visual nurse call system, the IndePendant wireless nurse call system, and the inform mobile nurse call system are all excellent nurse call systems for hospitals. Capable of monitoring 48 individual zones from a single wall mounted annunciator panel, the 4000 Series nurse call system is an ideal choice for hospitals of all sizes. The IndePendant wireless nurse call system is perfect for hospital wards where patients are more active and have greater freedom. The inform mobile nurse call system eliminates irritating lights and bells, reducing the amount of background noise, perfect for recovery wards. Whether you're building a new facility or renovating an existing one, Cornell Communication will help you design the perfect hospital nurse call station.

Nurse Call Systems for Nursing Homes

Visual nurse call systems from Cornell are popular in nursing home and assisted living centers where many residents may be hard-of-hearing.

Versatile Emergency Communication Equipment

With any Visual Nurse Call system, adaptability is key to ensuring it meets the individual needs of your medical facility or outpatient clinic. The call system manufacturers at Cornell Communications have designed a wide range of standard products in configurations to meet the unique, and often evolving, requirements of our customers. Our nurse call system design services ensure your system's emergency communication capabilities are perfectly suited to your Skilled Care, Memory Care, Independent Living or Assisted living residents and staff.

Visual Nurse Call Light Systems from Cornell Communications will provide your clinic with a flexible and dependable communication tool. Our call systems for patient and outpatient monitoring provide reliable information, fast emergency communication, and enable efficient response times.

Start with the basic system, which includes a Corridor Light and a Room Status Station (with three lighted buttons indicating up to six conditions with a steady or flashing light), then build from there.

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Nurse Call System Installation Services

Cornell Communications is the leader in renovation projects because we custom manufacture mounting plates for special applications. If you need to cover a non-standard mounting location, multiple options are available.

Older facilities looking to upgrade to a newer system find the basic Visual Call System (Series 4000) ideal because of its simplicity. Often this system can be installed using existing wiring, eliminating the need for costly rewiring and electrical work.

Our employees and affiliated installation contractors provide call system installation services to ensure all components are wired properly and function correctly.

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4000 Series Nurse Call System Documentation

Specifications Architectural Specs
Installation/Wiring Shop for Components
Manual Shop for Replacement Parts

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Contact Cornell Communications specialists for more information on our wide range of emergency visual nurse call systems.