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System Overview

Door and Window Monitoring Systems - System Overview

The Cornell Series 1000 Door Monitor System is a great security monitor to find out when doors and windows are wrongfully opened. It’s available with many features which can be specifically tailored to each application. Cornell Communications is a world-leading manufacturer of technologically advanced emergency communication system. Many hospitals and senior care centers use this system. It can be made inactive during the day to allow patients, visitors, and staff to use the main entrance and patient room doors.

Each door monitor system component is durable and dependable to keep your facility, patients, and staff safe. Emergency lights alert staff when an unauthorized person opens a monitored door. The Cornell Series 1000 Door Monitor System from Cornell is a reliable, accurate and long-lasting solution to your security challenges. The Cornell Series 7000 Door Monitoring System is backed by our exclusive 10-year warranty.

Contact Cornell Communications and make us your door security system supplier. Protect your patients by monitoring all doors and windows in your hospital, assisted living facility, or other medical center.

System Overview