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Milwaukee, WI – With over 40 years of experience and a solid reputation for reliability, Cornell Communications has become an expert in the emergency communications business. Cornell provides a comprehensive range of emergency call systems, including wireless emergency response pendants, visual and audio nurse call stations, area of rescue alarms and clinic status light systems. . These high-quality emergency communication systems are ideally suited for senior living facilities, outpatient medical clinics, schools, commercial office buildings and more. Over the years, Cornell has been recognized for its dedication to person-to-person customer service and dependable quality in the development and application of its products. Most recently, Cornell announced the launch of the 4800 Series Digital Area of Rescue, a new line of emergency communication systems with unbeatable voice clarity, allowing individuals and groups to more effectively communicate in emergency situations. The company continues to grow with its preferred and primary distributor agreement announced with Aiphone Communication Systems in July 2012.

The Beginning: Radio Communication

Cornell Communications was originally founded in 1970 as Minash & Company to design, repair and install radio towers and systems by three American military veterans, trained in radio communication. Eventually, the company forged a partnership with AUTH Inc., a manufacturer of nurse call products, to begin installing nurse call systems. With the subsequent dissolution of their partnership with AUTH Inc., the company began designing its own line of nurse call communications systems, leading to the release of the original Visual Nurse Call System and the change of name to Cornell Electronic Products.  In 1993, J.J. Johnson, a former GE executive, purchased the successful business and changed the name to Cornell Communications. Under Johnson’s guiding insight and leadership, Cornell Communications continues to innovate and thrive. Cornell is continuously immersed in the development of cutting edge nurse call systems, incorporating visual, voice and wireless pendants along with pocket pagers and smart phone technologies.

Partnership with Aiphone

Cornell announced its partnership with Aiphone Communication Systems in July 2012. Aiphone is one of the most highly esteemed brands and suppliers of communication systems in the world, having received international recognition for its exceptional quality and innovation. Cornell has been named the preferred and primary distributor of two of Aiphone’s top emergency communication systems – the Aiphone NHX Series Nurse Call System and Aiphone IS Series Area of Rescue Assistance Stations. The Aiphone NHX Series Nurse Call System is the leading voice call system for outpatient clinics and senior living facilities. Aiphone IS Series Area of Rescue Assistance Stations is a network-based emergency communication and security control system used in parking garages, college campuses, and other public areas needing both audio and video security capabilities.

New Product Releases

Cornell continues its reputation for reliability, customer satisfaction and ingenuity as it rounds out the year. Most notably, Cornell recently announced the release of a new product line of emergency communication systems – the 4800 Series Digital Area of Rescue. This system contains crystal clear digital audio technology and a large variety of customizable options. The goal of the product is to create seamless communication between individuals and groups in emergency situations. Installation of the product is simple and the product complies with the newly updated International Building Code as well as the NFPA 101 Life Safety Standards.

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