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Nurse Call System Manufacturers Explain Advances in Emergency Communication

Nurse call systems, Emergency Call or PERS are the names used to describe products that let residents request assistance when help is needed. The assistance may be as simple as, “I need help getting out of bed,” or as serious as, “I have fallen and cannot get up.”

Originally, residents were given bells to ring when they needed help. Today, there are three primary options:

Tone Visual Systems were first developed and accepted by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) as a low cost and simple method for the individual to pull a cord or push a button, with wired pendants added to assist in bedridden situations. The calls are transmitted to the staff via either a monitoring panel a flashing corridor light or, recently, wireless pagers that the staff can carry with them.

Voice communication is available with an Audio Visual System. Functioning similar to tone-visual systems, the staff is more efficient by being able to talk to the resident to determine the urgency of the call. With the addition of voice, many systems add pillow speakers allowing the resident to control their television and room lighting on their own.

In the past several years, Wireless Systems have allowed both the resident and the staff to initiate and respond to calls for assistance from anywhere on the property. Using wireless pendants, wristbands, pull cords or call buttons, the residents can call for assistance without moving to a fixed location on the wall. Similarly, the calls can be received anywhere via a pocket pager worn by the staff. 

Facilities are also requesting two new features, Resident Locating and Call Management Software. While locating a resident inside or outside the building is possible, many have found the increased cost to be prohibitive. Call Management Software has been very effective in identifying both slow response times and overactive residents.

Cornell, with 40 years specializing in these products can provide all of the above options, either individually or in a hybrid system meeting the needs of each part of your care community.

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