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Emergency Communication Equipment Company Newsletter

Welcome to our first edition of Cornell's eNewsletter. We appreciate any feedback. The first 50 recipients that respond will receive one of our new all-in-one emergency response
systems. Please use our customer contact form to leave us any feedback or comments.

No Price Increase for 2012

Cornell is NOT increasing prices for 2012!
If you need a new price list, please contact your regional sales representative and they will assist you in getting a new price list. Thank you for your continued business with Cornell.

Light Status System

New Sequencing Feature

Cornell has added a new sequencing feature to its Light Status System. Read more about this change in our clinic light status PDF.

More Information

Would you like to find out more about our Light Status System? Be sure to contact your local Cornell representative at our main number (1-800-558-8957) or follow our contact form link at the bottom of this article.


Area of Rescue Assistance Systems Updates

Area of rescueNEW Digital Area of Rescue Assistance!

Cornell's new Digital Area of Rescue Assistance 4800 System is now in the final stages of FCC testing. Read More about the 4800 Series Area of Rescue System from Cornell Communications.

Cable for Easy Installation of 4200 System

Cornell’s Area of Rescue Assistance 4200 System includes SmartWire cable for easy installation.

4200 System Change in Station

All Area of Rescue Assistance 4200 Stations now use Phillips head screws.


The Faces of Cornell

Nathan TurnerCornell Communications is pleased to announce and welcome Nathan Turner as the company’s General Manager.



Cornell Representatives

PaulineAnd yes, Pauline is still here, and not going anywhere soon.



Cornell would greatly appreciate any feedback on our inaugural newsletter.

Please contact your nurse call system regional sales representative or email with any comments, questions, or concerns.

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