Cornell E-Newsletter #5

Senior Living Activities

5 Ways Providers Are Spicing Up Senior Living

Senior Housing News

While movies, exercise classes and happy hours are industry mainstays, some communities are thinking outside the box when it comes to new programming and services for residents.

Whether a special event or ongoing service, Senior Housing News spoke with providers to find out what they’re doing for their latest, most innovative activities, entertainment and amenities. Here are our top 5. Read More

States and Cities That are Kinder to Seniors' Budgets

Seniors for Living

The media uses many different words or phrases to describe boomers and seniors making major changes in later life — "downsizing," "reimagining" or "starting the third chapter." Driven by the need for change, a new lifestyle or making financial adjustments to live within a new budget, many older adults are looking for more affordable places to live. Read More

EMS 911 Calls Screened to Weed Out Non-emergencies

The Greenville News

Hiccups. Hangovers. Prescription refills. In the past year, the nearly 70,000 calls for help to Greenville County EMS included nonemergencies like these. But instead of dispatching an ambulance and paramedics, these 911 calls were diverted to a nurse who arranged for help in a more appropriate healthcare setting. Read More

Hospitals are Mining Patients' Data to Predict Who Will Get Sick

Bloomberg Businessweek

Carolinas HealthCare, which runs more than 900 care centers, including hospitals, nursing homes, doctors' offices and surgical centers, has begun plugging consumer data on 2 million people into algorithms designed to identify high-risk patients so that doctors can intervene before they get sick. The company purchases the data from brokers who cull public records, store loyalty program transactions and credit card purchases. Read More

Is Nursing Home Care Out of Reach for Many Boomers?

HealthDay News via WebMD

With higher rates of illness but fewer adult children to care for them, many of America's baby boom generation may find themselves unable to pay for the nursing home care they need, a new study warns. Already, a growing number of older Americans are developing chronic diseases but can't cover the costs of long-term care in a nursing facility, the U.S. National Institute on Aging-funded report says. Read More

Wireless Nurse Call System inform

Improve staff responsiveness with inform

As acuity levels increase, staff must work harder than ever to stay on top of resident needs. At the same time, families are more demanding — wanting providers to PROVE they're delivering great service. Until now, it took multiple devices to do that.

inform is a resident/nurse call solution and staff communication system rolled into one. It's mobile, touch-screen based and easy to use.

Interested in improving response times upwards of 50-70?

Need to drive staff accountability to new levels? Contact us today to learn more about inform, our innovative wireless nurse call system.

Find Out More


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We're confident not only in our products, but in the services they provide to you and your business.

Stop and see us when you get to the show or check us out online to discover the difference our products can make for you. We look forward to forging a long-lasting partnership with you.

All nurse call, door monitoring and emergency alert systems from Cornell feature our unbeatable 10-year warranty, a service contract no other emergency communication system provider offers. The Cornell Communications 10-year warranty covers part replacement and shipping costs for all of our emergency communication products, excluding our pocket pagers.

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