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Ecumen Pathstone Living Review

“inform is really reliable; we saw how easy it is to use and the faster response time.” ~Tyler Weaver, IT, Ecumen Pathstone Living

Prestige Care Summerplace Review

“With inform we’re taking thousands of calls per month, with an average response of 3 minutes compared to an industry average of 7 minutes.” ~Grace Hall, Executive Director, Prestige Care Summerplace

Capella Living Solutions Review

“The fact is that Cornell is always looking ahead and listening to customers. I sense Cornell believes customers should have the best technology they have to offer.” ~Jill Vitale-Aussem, COO, Capella Living Solutions

Lorien Health Review

“Good job, listened well... let us know they were there and they cared. They were looking for basically the same thing we were, good strong partners and good solutions to make a difference in the industry… Having a good dependable system is always a wonderful thing. You don’t want to worry about your nurse call system. If you don’t have to think about it, it must be doing its job.” ~Norman Snowberger, CFO, Lorien Health

Rosemark at Mayfair Park Review

“With the Cornell system we can identify needs, save time, and it’s so simple… I can’t imagine going back to a building that has walkie-talkies or pagers. It’s crazy that’s acceptable - makes everyone’s job so much harder. Residents shouldn’t have to hear all that back and forth talking like a construction site, it’s their home.” ~Sara Wright, Executive Director, Rosemark at Mayfair Park

Ecumen Pathstone Living Review

“If I have an idea, they find a way to do it.” ~ Jim Gatchell, Environmental Director, Ecumen Pathstone Living

Duke University Review

“We are very, very satisfied with our Light Status System.  When we moved our Medical Clinic , we knew we had to have another system installed.  We couldn’t live without the seamless patient flow and reliability it provides." Laurie Bass - Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Hattiesburg Clinic Review

“Cornell’s customer service and sales representation is very helpful.  I am grateful to be able to work with Cornell directly.” ~Mike Walters, Electrician - Hattiesburg Clinic Hattiesburg, Mississippi

General Review

From many customers...“Someone is available when I call, not irritating voice mail!”

Servertech Review

“When you call Cornell’s tech support they actually care.  They aren’t like the others that are just focused on getting you off the phone!” ~Rich Bertucci, owner, Servertech, Inc

St. Louis Review

“Aura (Cornell’s Wireless Emergency Call System) is great!  Easier to install than any other similar product; it saves our company time and overhead.  My customers are seeking the long term quality and reliability over and over again.” ~Jeremy Overman, ET Security - St. Louis, Missouri

Nurse/Emergency Call

Designed for a wide variety of solutions to keep people safe anywhere they go

ADA Rescue Assistance

For emergency evacuation of multistory buildings & campus/parking lot security

Building Perimeter Security

Control unauthorized access/egress & contain wandering residents
For help ordering, designing, or installing:
Buzzers - Lights - Pendants - Pull Cords BUY PARTS Stations - Pagers - Alarms - Phone Apps
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