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Staff Station, with E-104 and D-112 combined on Two Gang Plate

Staff Station, with E-104 and D-112 combined on Two Gang Plate

Product ID: S-112
Product SKU: S-112
Online Price: $221.00/each $260.00

Staff Station, with E-104 and D-112 combined on Two Gang Plate

This S-112 Clinical Staff Station from Cornell indicates incoming calls using a tone and flashing LED light. This nurse call station allows for one and two way communication.

Since the 1970s, Cornell has been providing healthcare facilities with comprehensive emergency response systems and visual nurse call stations. Our call systems increase response time to emergency situations, while improving daily operations. This staff station allows for prompt, easy communication with necessary personnel.

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The Cornell S-112 Staff Station includes a green LED to indicate normal call, and red LED to indicated emergency call. It is furnished with an adjustable volume pot that is preset upon installation. The S-112 Staff Station is also furnished with a pull-string to place a call on the system.


The S-112 Staff Station indicates normal calls with steady green LED and slow intermittent tone. Emergency calls are indicated with a flashing red LED and rapid tone. To place calls on the system, pull cord; the station's red LED, and associated corridor and annunciator panel lights, are illuminated, and a tone sounds at the annunciator panel. To cancel, slide switch to off position. 


The satin finish stainless steel faceplate with silk-screened designations may be flish mounted on a standard outlet box with two-gang plaster ring, or surface mounted on a Wiremold 5748 or equivalent. Field wiring terminations are with screw clamps, maximum 16 gauge. 

Engineering Specifications:

The contractor shall furnish and install a Cornell Clinical Staff Station S-112. Incoming emergency calls shall be indicated by flashing red LED and rapid intermitten tone; normal calls, by steady green LED and slow intermittent tone; priority calls via pulsing red LED and pulsing tone. Incandescent lamps are not acceptable. Pulling of cord shall illuminate the call placed indicator and stainless steel face-plate shall have silk-screened designations and shall fit on a standard two-gang plaster ring or Wiremold 5748-2 surface box ro equal, with minimum depth of 1 3/4". Field wiring terminations shall be with wire screw clamps. 

Technical Information:

  • Power requirements: 24VDC
  • Operating Environments: 50-120F Indoor, non-condensing
  • Physical Faceplate Dimensions: 4 1/2"H x 4 1/2"W (standard 2 gang)
  • Mounting: Two-gang back box with 1 3/4" minimum depth
  • Wiring: #22 AWG minimum, #16 AWG maximum
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