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Installation / Wiring Diagrams

4000 Series Visual Nurse Call System - Installation / Wiring Diagrams

Complete electrical wiring diagrams are provided for installation of the Cornell 4000 Series Visual Nurse Call System. Since the 4000 Series Visual Nurse Call System is used in so many different applications, these wiring diagrams are an excellent practical guide to ensure proper nurse call installation.

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Wiring diagrams: 

E-104 vs E-104-1

Use this drawing when replacing old-style E-104 units (screw terminals) with new-style E-104-1 units, which have wire leads.

4000 Single Status

4006 System Model

4006A System Model

A4006L Terminal and Jumper Block

E-114-3, L-101, or LS-201

3 Status with Smoke Detector

Dual Status NC-102D, L-101, E-104-1

Dual Status NC-102D, L-102, E-104-1

Mounting Heights

Z-103 (90008-02)