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Inform Wireless Nurse Call System Cornell CommunicationsFrom the Experts in Nurse Call Systems at Cornell Communications

This wireless nurse call system integrates with your existing equipment and alerts staff to emergency calls via their touch-screen device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

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The Challenge

As acuity levels increase, your staff must work together seamlessly to stay on top of resident needs and meet the expectations of families. Finding the best wireless nurse call system is easily your top priority. The challenge is to find a nurse call system with the ability to reliably inform you on the status of who you are monitoring. 

The Opportunity

inform is a resident/nurse call solution and a staff communication system rolled into one. A handful of features give you and your staff an efficiency boost in daily routines. 

The Solution

inform creates accountability by tracking every step of a resident call or alarm, boosting teamwork by enabling staff to text and talk when assistance is needed. Options for wandering alarms and even video cameras provide staff with unprecedented visibility and greater resident security. Your staff will benefit from the long string of features the inform nurse call system boasts, including: 




  • Notifies staff which resident needs assistance and when they called
  • Indicates where the mobile residents are located
  • Identifies which staff member took each call and when
  • Tabulates both the travel time and the time spent with each resident
  • Also tabulates the reason for each call (bathroom, food, fall, etc.)


  • Provides an accurate picture of the residents’ level of need
  • Guides staff assignments backed by data
  • Provides proof to families of great and changing service requirements


  • Reduces response times, increasing the satisfaction of residents and their families
  • Eliminates noisy alarms providing a quieter environment


  • Simplifies staff communications with optional talk & text


  • Integrates with your current nurse call, wandering and bed and chair alarm systems
  • Locates residents calling from mobile pendants or chair alarms

Contact the wireless nurse call specialists at Cornell Communications for more information on inform today.

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