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Paging Base Transmitter

Paging Base Transmitter

Product ID: TR-9010-W2
Product SKU: TR-9010-W2
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Engineering Specifications:

  • 2 Watts or 5 Watts
  • Synthesized Frequency
  • TAP, COMP1, COMP2 Interface Protocols
  • POCSAG Encoding

The alphanumeric Paging System allows you to automatically transmit messages to industry standard on-site pagers, with no monthly paging service fees. You own all of the equipment. Text, numeric and tone/vibrate messages can be immediately delivered to industry standard POCSAG pagers. For use with VersaPage emergency paging system.

Special Features:

  • Supports TAP, COMP1, COMP2 and WaveWare proprietay interface protocols, via DOP switch selection.
  • Compatible with industry standard POCSAG pagers
  • Supports POCSAG alphanumeric, numeric and tone/vibe messagingin at RF data rates of 512, 1200 and 2400 bps
  • Available as VHF model (148-174 MHz) or UHF models (400-430MHz and 440-470 MHz)
  • Supports TAP interface protocol v1.8, with enhancements including control character embedding, extended pager ID processing, and function code control
  • Programmable EEPROM based pager database using Windows based programming software (included with system). Pager database can be bypassed using unique extended pager ID formatting methods.
  • Programmable single wet contact triggered transmission of a predefined message
  • Programmable host system monitoring function, using timer triggered transmission of a predefined message if host system communications don’t occur for two minutes
  • Programmable operating frequency (Requires optional radio programming kit)
  • Pagers, amplification kits, and FCC site licensing services also available.

Transmitter Features:

  • Economical, eliminates wide area paging service fees
  • Long range campus wide coverage (5 watt system provides up to 3 mile coverage, depending upon local conditions)
  • Programmable operating frequency, using optional radio programming kit
  • Supports alphanumeric, numeric, and tone/vibe messages
  • Supports paging RF data rates of 512, 1200, and 2400 bps, with data rate, auto switching
  • Industry compatibility using the TAP protocol serial data interface
  • Pager database can be programmed into on-board EEPROM using Windows based programming software, included with each system. System can operate without onboard pager
  • Database using Extended Pager ID formatting method.
  • Shared Use FCC Site Licensing available with certain models
  • Amplification kits available for output of 25, 50, and 100 watts
  • Extension compatible
  • 10 personal slots
  • Duplicate message detection
  • Unread message display
  • Message time stamp
  • Month, date, year, time display
  • Selective message lock/delete
  • Lithium battery backup
  • Reminder alert
  • Up to 6 cap code capability
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