Medical Pager Systems for Direct Messaging to Staff When Emergencies Arise or Assistance is Needed.

Wireless Emergency Paging System for Fast Patient Response

Medical Pagers for Healthcare FacilitiesIn a medical office, fast and efficient response is vital to any patient need and emergency situation. VersaPage™ can instantly notify in-house medical pagers, send a text message to a cell phone or send an e-mail to an individual or group all at once, enabling the appropriate response. This wireless paging system for hospitals provides convenient communication between hospital staff and from patients to nurses in the event of an emergency.

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Expand Your Medical Communication System

The wireless paging system can fit the needs of any building by connecting up to eight slaves to the master unit. The master unit has a capacity of 64 calling devices with a maximum of 576 when all eight slaves units are connected. Put a slave unit on every floor or wing to keep all calls well organized.

Keep Records of Every Call with Medical Data Logging Systems

Hospital Pagers for Outpatient ClinicsWhen a call is made to one of our wireless medical pagers, it can be stored for multiple days in the system’s data log. Different types of reports can be made by selecting search parameters such as room number, date, and type of call. All records are kept in the master unit on an easily removable memory card.

When an emergency incident occurs, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what happened, when, and why. With our top-of-the-line medical reporting software, hospitals are able to log, track, and document every aspect of an emergency and learn from the event to improve efficiency in the future. Then, our incident logging software and medical report writer generates an easy-to-follow analysis of every patient call, nurse response time, and other aspects of the emergency situation. This information allows hospitals to find areas for improvement in their emergency communication and responses.

Our state of the art emergency communication systems, from nurse call button stations and wireless paging systems to medical reporting and report writing software, keeps hospitals and other healthcare facilities running smoothly and effectively. Ensure the safety and comfort of your patients or nursing home residents, as well as the peace of mind of their families, with an efficient hospital staff.

Medical Patient Pagers for Wireless Healthcare Paging Solutions

Medical patient pagers promote better communication between patients and hospital staff and faster response times in emergencies. VersaPage systems allow nurses to communicate discreetly to respond to patient needs and respect patients’ privacy. Our hospital paging systems include:

All our medical pagers and healthcare beepers come with a long-lasting Lithium battery backup and work properly in temperatures of 50 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit without humidity. The 2-watt and 5-watt transmitter options extend the distance the signal will travel. The 5-watt pagers receive signals in a three mile radius from the transmitter at your hospital or physician’s office.

When a patient needs assistance and push the bedside call button, the patient’s name and/or room number displays on the easy-to-read, alpha-numeric display screen on every hospital employee’s medical patient pager.

Patients and their families will feel at ease knowing hospital staff will meet their needs quickly, efficiently, and discreetly.

Features & Benefits of Medical Paging System

As a leading wireless paging system manufacturer and supplier, Cornell Communications provides convenient and easy to use medical paging for hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and more. Find out why our wireless paging is the best choice for your healthcare facility:

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Newest Features of Medical Emergency Communication System

We supply the most up-to-date emergency communication technology. The latest features of our wireless paging system include:

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