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Nurse Call Annunciator Systems Provide Visual Notification of Incoming Calls

Hospitals, clinics, and assisted living facilities trust our visual room annunciator systems for their versatility as well as their reliability. Our visual nurse call system is one of the most widely used emergency communication systems, time tested in the field as well as at our factory.

Room annunciator systems from Cornell Communications can be customized with zone lights, software systems, duty stations, wireless pagers, and different panel configurations:

Nurse Call Annunciator Panels

The Visual Nurse Call Annunciator indicates incoming calls from any initiation point in the system. It is constructed of anodized aluminum with the standard features: HI-LO tone volume control; lamp test; an easily changed room designation sheet; and from 8 to 48 room designators. To work with a variety of surfaces it is available in a surface mount.

All Visual Annunciator panels and stations display indications of incoming patient calls and their locations via long-life LEDs, as well as an electronic tone for an audible alert. You can even customize room annunciator panels for different zones of your building or individual rooms for more efficient call responses.

As the panel manufacturer customers trust for dependable emergency communication systems, Cornell provides flexible room annunciator systems ideal for upgrading communication systems. Installation can often use existing wiring, preventing the need for costly electrical work. We supply all equipment, components, replacement parts, comprehensive installation instructions, and detailed wiring diagrams.

Our room annunciator systems are easy to use, and our service manuals provide clear explanations of the system’s features for easy training.

Contact our annunciator panel manufacturer experts to discuss a custom room annunciator system for your facility.