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IndePendent Wireless Nurse Call System for Senior Care

Improved Staff Response Time. Improved Resident Satisfaction.

Use Cornell's IndePendent wireless nurse call system to deliver the highest level of care, motivate teams to perform their best and translate care data into business data to keep families at ease. Of our extensive line of nurse call systems, IndePendent provides the most satisfaction to all parties involved, while maintaining the highest levels of efficiency.

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Integrate Cornell's IndePendent System into your facility

Integrate IndePendent system for efficient nurse call times

Cornell Communications has manufactured innovative nurse call systems for over 40 years. Our IndePendent wireless nurse call system is the culmination of decades of experience. 

The IndePendent nurse call system is the effective and affordable nurse call solution for assisted living communities, Independent living communities, and other businesses in need of a comprehensive call system. Facilities using IndePendent report better response times and improved resident satisfaction. An IndePendent system benefits everyone involved in your facility:

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Benefits of Using a Wireless Nurse Call System

Improve profitability

Deliver the highest level of care

Improve operational efficiency

Connect with future-proof technology

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Easy Wireless Communication Improves Efficiency

As acuity levels increase, staff must work harder than ever to stay on top of resident needs. At the same time, families are more demanding--wanting providers to PROVE they're delivering great service. Until now, it took multiple devices to do this.

Extendable and scalable, IndePendent addresses HIPPA compliance and includes a software assurance program that provides updates at no additional charge. 

Cornell's IndePendent wireless nurse call system is popular in rural hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and all levels of Senior Care including:

Learn more about how our emergency alert systems follows your nursing home's regulation standards or request a FREE quote to learn more about using wireless nurse call system.

Contact Cornell Communications to have IndePendent integrated into your healthcare facility.