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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Area of Rescue Assistance Systems

Area of Refuge and Area of Rescue Assistance Components Your Hospital Needs

There are strict guidelines for areas of rescue assistance and areas of refuge in multi-story buildings, such as hospitals. ADA requirements vary depending on the type of building, the type of sprinkler system in place (if any), and local construction regulations.

Once you’ve determined the area of refuge requirements your hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility needs to meet, choose from our selection of Area of Rescue Assistance and Area of Refuge signs and emergency communication systems to ensure your building has everything it needs.

#1 – 4200 Series Rescue Assistance System

The 4200 area of refuge emergency communication system allows people in an Area of Rescue Assistance to easily communicate and call for help. Each analog emergency call station includes a wall panel with a red button, a red light, and a speaker. The person waiting for assistance simply has to press the button, which sends a signal for help. An optional feature connects to a telephone line to allow two-way communication. The red light and a single pulse tone let the caller know the call has been received. The central control station can then communicate with the caller. This simple system only requires the caller to press the button. No other action is needed.

#2 – 4800 Series Digital Area of Rescue System

The 4800 digital area of rescue assistance system provides two-way communication between the call station and a main control panel. The system allows the option for additional control panels at various locations to respond to calls for help. Each call station includes a phone. When an emergency call is placed, the main control panel and any remote control panels receive the alarm signal and show which area of rescue the call is coming from.

#3 – Area of Rescue Assistance Signage

Clear Area of Rescue Assistance signs are essential for hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. Patients and staff must be able to easily find areas of refuge in an emergency, and first responders need to be able to locate and evacuate them quickly. Our area of refuge and area of rescue assistance signage includes LED lighted signs, photoluminescent (glow in the dark) signs, single or double sided signs, and directional signs.

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Area of Refuge and Rescue Assistance Emergency Communication Systems from Cornell

Our expert staff is on hand 24/7 to answer any questions about our emergency communication systems and to help you choose an Area of Refuge or Area of Rescue Assistance system. We’ll recommend the best call system and signage to meet the precise needs of your facility. Our goal is the safety of your patients and residents.

Contact Cornell Communications for top-of-the-line, ADA compliant Area of Rescue Assistance systems. Cornell is your emergency communication system manufacturer.

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