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Cornell Report Writer Incident Logging and Reporting Software Series 9000

Medical Reporting Software for Outpatient Clinics and More

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Today’s healthcare organizations need user-friendly information tools that cut through the chaos and deliver solid analysis and reporting capabilities specifically designed to meet their needs.

With these needs in mind, Cornell offers a Report Writer which enables management to generate reports based on important healthcare metrics. Cornell Report Writer Incident Logging and Reporting Software Series 9000 monitors, records, and analyzes call activity, patient requests, caregiver response times and other types of metrics . With the ability to sort collected data utilizing query capabilities, managers can tailor reports around specific informational needs.

Incident Logging Software and Tracking System for Emergency Communication

Incident Logging Software for HospitalsOur state of the art medical reporting software and medical report writer provide accurate data and analysis on patient calls and emergency responses to ensure the best possible care for every patient. This medical report writer and incident logging software keeps track of every time a patient presses a nurse call button, every time a caregiver’s wireless medical pager receives the message, and every emergency response. With this information recorded and analyzed in an easy-to-read report, hospitals and other medical facilities can determine the best way to improve their patient care.

Our comprehensive emergency communication systems, from nurse call buttons and medical pagers to incident logging and medical report writer software, help nurses and caregivers provide personal care and attention for your patients in an emergency, as well as in day-to-day care. Boost the efficiency of your hospital staff with our state of the art communication technology from Cornell Communications.

This system utilizes web browser technology to allow staff members to access reports from anywhere via the Intranet. Wireless paging system is another excellent example.

Contact the medical reporting system suppliers at Cornell Communications today for more information on our report writing and incident logging software.
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