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Area of Rescue System 4200

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Illuminated Area of Refuge Signs

Area of rescue assistance signs are an integral part of any medical clinic or assisted living facility. In the case of an emergency, it is important for first responders to quickly and easily find and evacuate patients with limited mobility.

Along with our 4200 area of refuge communication system and 4800 area of refuge phone system, Cornell Communications offers a wide selection of area of rescue assistance signs. We have everything from photo-luminescent RADIANCE ARA signs to directional LED illuminated signs. Our rescue assistance signs will help responders locate patients quickly and easily.

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RADIANCE ARA signs utilize the energy produced by ambient light, allowing them to glow even in a power outage for over 60 minutes. Choose from single sided or doubled sided options, which can be easily mounted on either the ceiling or walls in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The directional area of rescue assistance signs are printed with bright, noticeable lettering to ensure patients and responders will be able to efficiently find their way to the designated area.

All directional signs meet ADA specifications for use with area of rescue assistance and area of refuge. The area of rescue assistance signs meet NFPA Life Safety Code 101 and all national building codes.

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