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Cornell Communications specializes in manufacturing high quality nurse call systems for healthcare facilities around the world. Our systems allow for easy communication throughout your facility, so patients don’t have to wait for assistance. We have experienced technicians available to install a variety of systems like our reliable wireless nurse call systems.

With over 40 years of experience in call system design and implementation, let us develop a custom system for your facility today.

inform AURA 2.0

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inform Interactive Care Communication System

Award-Winning Emergency System for Senior Care, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, and More

Our inform wireless nurse call system combines staff communication and nurse call systems into one. This system not only notifies healthcare staff when a resident is in need of assistance, but also keeps track of staff response times.

Deliver the highest level of care, motivate teams to perform their best and translate care data into business data to bill and staff accordingly.

Wireless nurse call and care communication solution with mobile device alerts and communication.

This wireless call system can be integrated directly into your existing nurse call system. inform helps keep family, residents and staff happy. This innovative system provides a new dimension of tracking, reporting and communication, uniting into a single, user-friendly system. inform moves away from traditional one-way communication and creates a positive experience for all parties involved.

The system provides information on:

  1. which resident needs assistance
  2. when they called
  3. where the resident is located
  4. which staff responded to the call
  5. staff’s travel time
  6. the amount of time spent with the patient
  7. the reason for the call

At the 2014 LINK Long Term Care and Senior Living Conference in Chicago, our inform call system was the winner out of a large pool of 50 other entries. The entries are judged on uniqueness, industry impact, and availability.

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AURA 2.0 Emergency Call System

Wireless Emergency Nurse Call System

Cornell Communications’ AURA 2.0 emergency wireless nurse call system combines wired systems with newer wireless technology to increase communication efficiency in healthcare facilities. The AURA 2.0 system automatically documents calls and notifies staff of a resident in need of assistance. AURA 2.0 allows the legacy wired, audio and visual nurse call systems to remain in place and adds medical data logging and documentation capabilities.

Nurse Call System

Residents feel and are safe wearing a wireless pendant. Your operational and care levels increase with data.

Nurse Call Pendant

Senior care and living residents remain independent and easily call for care no matter where they are.

Wireless call pendants work with wired nurse call, sending resident alerts to care providers via pagers, cell phone text, emails, call system or display alerts.

Used with AURA 2.0 nurse call system, wearing the wireless nurse call pendant ensures immediate assistance for residents.

Cornell’s AURA 2.0 wireless nurse call communication systems can be integrated with the complete line of care communication products.

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Wireless Nurse Call System Design, Integration and Implementation

Deliver a high level of care with products that are configurable to meet your required application.

Cornell’s engineering team helps you get the most out of your system by assessing your environment and long-term objectives.

Wireless Call System Parts for Sale Online

Cornell Communications also offers replacement parts for emergency communication systems. Whether you need a replacement call cord or new clinic status panels, we will get your parts shipped to you quickly and efficiently.

Nurse Call System Comparison  Contact Nurse Call Manufacturer  Nurse Call System Design Installation

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Contact wireless nurse call system manufacturers from Cornell Communications to have the inform or AURA 2.0 nurse call systems installed.

Nurse/Emergency Call

Designed for a wide variety of solutions to keep people safe anywhere they go

ADA Rescue Assistance

For emergency evacuation of multistory buildings & campus/parking lot security

Building Perimeter Security

Control unauthorized access/egress & contain wandering residents
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