Nurse Call System Design Guide

Nurse Call System Design Guide

AURA 2.0 Wireless Nurse Call Guide

AURA 2.0 Nurse Call System Design Guide

At Cornell Communications, we understand it is important to have a high quality, dependable call system which is unique to the needs of your specific facility. Our staff has created a comprehensive design guide to ensure your new wired and wireless nurse call systems are perfect for staff and patient needs. Whether you’re looking for installation of a new system or you’re looking for updates to your current system, Our AURA 2.0 wireless nurse call system works with new and old components. Our nurse call system can be utilized with every type of building and floor plan, and our staff takes all facility sizes into consideration when designing your customized system.

Our nurse call system design process provides a wide range of choices to ensure we’re meeting all your facility’s needs for patient care. We offer logging and documentation of calls if you desire to have a record of past patient requests and response times. Whichever you choose, we offer components for wired, wireless or combination nurse call systems. Our products cover a wide range of bases including lights, call buttons, wireless pendants, smoke alarms, motion detectors and other nurse call system equipment. We provide you with the highest quality products utilizing the latest technology to go above and beyond what is necessary for your nurse call system. We offer a variety of call notification options. Whether you desire to be notified through text message, pager, email or more, we ensure all necessary personnel will be notified.

Our AURA 2.0 wireless nurse call system has been designed to fit a wide variety of facilities and situations. By using our design guide to obtain the proper information about your facility, we will create the perfect nurse call system to meet all your current and future needs. Your facility deserves the highest quality products and services to ensure the highest degree of patient care. Cornell Communications custom design process provides you with the most efficient nurse call system to cater to your facility’s every need.

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Nurse/Emergency Call

Designed for a wide variety of solutions to keep people safe anywhere they go

ADA Rescue Assistance

For emergency evacuation of multistory buildings & campus/parking lot security

Building Perimeter Security

Control unauthorized access/egress & contain wandering residents
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