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inform: Innovative Nurse Call Systems for Smartphones

Improved Response. Higher Satisfaction. Engineered to be the Last Call System You Will Ever Buy.

Deliver the highest level of care, motivate teams to perform their best and translate care data into business data to bill and staff accordingly.

Cornell’s inform application is a complete communication management system with two-way communication and real-time data on staff productivity and resident care levels. It runs on an easy-to-use iOS mobile device accommodating multiple applications.

inform is the all-in-one wireless nurse call system senior housing residences throughout the country are turning to for faster emergency communication. Improving staff responsiveness increases resident, family and staff satisfaction with inform from Cornell Communications, the experts in nurse call systems.

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inform wins Innovation Award

for uniqueness, impact on the industry, product need, readiness and availability
at the 2014 Long-Term Care and Senior Living Conference.

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Inform Wireless Nurse Call System Cornell Communications




  • Notifies staff which resident needs assistance and when they called
  • Indicates where the mobile residents are located
  • Identifies which staff member took each call and when
  • Tabulates both the travel time and the time spent with each resident
  • Also tabulates the reason for each call (bathroom, food, fall, etc.)


  • Provides an accurate picture of the residents’ level of need
  • Guides staff assignments backed by data
  • Provides proof to families of great and changing service requirements


  • Reduces response times, increasing the satisfaction of residents and their families
  • Eliminates noisy alarms providing a quieter environment


  • Simplifies staff communications with optional talk & text


  • Integrates with your current nurse call, wandering and bed and chair alarm systems
  • Locates residents calling from mobile pendants or chair alarms

Wireless Nurse Call System Brochure and Overview: inform

Innovative nurse call systems have been manufactured by Cornell Communications for over 40 years. Our inform wireless nurse call system is proven to improve caregiver response time and increases patient and family satisfaction. This wireless nurse call system combines resident and staff communication systems into one, eliminating the need for multiple communication devices.

Read the inform wireless nurse call system brochure for more detailed information on the benefits and features of this system.

Features of Wireless Emergency Call System

This reliable wireless nurse call system keeps track of which patient or resident made the call, where the call came from, when the call was placed and which caregiver responded to the call and how long it took to respond. inform also keeps track of the length of time spent with the patient, the care given to the patient and the travel time to the patient.

Easy Wireless Communication Improves Efficiency

As acuity levels increase, staff must work harder than ever to stay on top of resident needs. At the same time, families are more demanding—wanting providers to PROVE they’re delivering great service. Until now, it took multiple devices to do that.

inform is a resident/nurse call solution and staff communication system rolled into one. It’s mobile, touch-screen based and easy to use. Two way voice and text can be done with the touch of your finger.

Wireless Emergency Call System Provides Detailed Data on Each Call

Receive greater insights into care with real-time data collection:

Wireless Call System

This data allows medical facilities to easily identify top responding staff members and high-need patients. See the outstanding results in your facility and significantly increase profitability:

Improve profitability

Deliver the highest level of care

Improve operational efficiency

Connect with future-proof technology

Extendable and scalable, inform addresses HIPAA compliance and includes a software assurance program that provides updates at no additional charge.

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Contact wireless nurse call system specialists at Cornell Communications to have inform integrated into your healthcare facility.

Nurse/Emergency Call

Designed for a wide variety of solutions to keep people safe anywhere they go

ADA Rescue Assistance

For emergency evacuation of multistory buildings & campus/parking lot security

Building Perimeter Security

Control unauthorized access/egress & contain wandering residents
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