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Pull String Stations

Cornell has assisted living communication systems in all 50 states.

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Emergency Pull Cord Options for Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Other Medical Facilities

Nurse call pull cords from Cornell Communications allow patients, residents, nurses, and caregivers to quickly and easily call for help in an emergency. Our different pull cord stations offer a variety of features, such as water resistance for shower use, a Call Placed light, and an on-off switch to cancel calls. Each type of emergency pull cord station can be surface mounted on Wiremold 5748 or equivalent.

See our nurse call wiring diagrams for more information on wiring and installing your system.

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Wireless Nurse Call Systems Available

If you have an area where pull cords would be inconvenient for patients and staff, consider a wireless nurse call system. These systems come with portable pendants and can be integrated with existing call systems.

Contact Cornell Communications manufacturers for sanitizable nurse call pull cords and the best emergency alert systems.