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Visual Emergency and Nurse Call Systems 4000

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Emergency Response and Nurse Call Systems 4000 Parts and Accessories

The greatest amount of communication between patients and personnel is extremely important in assisted living facilities, outpatient clinics, and more to ensure quick response to patient needs. At Cornell Communications, we design and manufacture the highest quality customer centered products to ensure your facility has the most efficient communication for the highest level of patient care. We have a full line of nurse call parts utilizing the latest technology to fit all needs. Our wide selection of parts and accessories includes emergency stations, corridor lights and light filters, nurse call buttons, replacement cords, string stations and alarms.

Each of our nurse call parts delivers high performance above and beyond the industry standard for the most effective communication. Our components are available in a variety of options to fit your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for replacement parts or additions to your emergency response system, Cornell Communications is your source for the best nurse call parts and accessories.

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Hospital Nurse Call Buttons for Visual Emergency System

Our state of the art emergency communication system with nurse call push buttons allows patients to quickly and easily alert nurses, caregivers, and hospital staff to a need or emergency. Seconds can make all the difference in an emergency. With instant notification and communication, nurses are able to respond to patients’ needs faster. Each component, from bedside push button stations and annunciator panels to corridor lights, of our visual nurse call system is expertly designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure the best quality at the lowest price.

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